Relive CHER in Burlesque on DVD

Burlesque DVD

Burlesque DVD

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There is, according toBurlesque, a nightclub on the Sunset Strip that looks like a blend ofCabaret andMoulin Rouge and employs a full contingent of dancers and ians in the service of a neo-retro-burlesque-blues program. Presiding over the craziness within is Tess, a grande dame who also performs occasionally and who could only, under these circumstances, be played by Cher. Entering the scene is a young leather-lunged hopeful from Iowa named Ali, played by Christina Aguilera in her movie-acting debut. The vibe of this glitzy concoction is moreFlashdance thanShowgirls, despite prerelease predictions that the film would be a campfest of epic proportions. In fact, it’s more cornball than trashy. Ali hits most of the clichs of the genre: defying Tess’s skepticism by proving her mettle during an impromptu stage number; flirting with the nice-guy bartender (Cam Gigandet, ofTwilight) whose home she shares for a while, in a purely platonic way, of course, just until she gets her feet on the ground; and keeping a wary eye on the high roller (Eric Dane, ofGrey’s Anatomy) who wants to possess her, because, you see, he takes whatever he likes. And did we mention that Tess is facing foreclosure on the club in a month’s time? Seriously, you didn’t see that coming? Writer-director Steve Antin has no embarrassment about putting any of this across, which may be why it all feels weirdly innocent, if relentlessly silly. Stanley Tucci revives his gay assistant fromThe Devil Wears Prada, Alan Cumming lurks about in an undefined role that might well have been filmed months after everybody else, and Kristen Bell enjoys a few wicked-witch moments as Ali’s main rival. Aguilera, needless to say, belts out her songs as only someone with a very large voice can, and Cher stops the show with an old-fashioned torch song (“You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me”) that is clearly designed as a roof-raiser. (And, by gum, it works.) This is a ridiculous movie, but it gets points for never claiming to be anything else.


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  1. Milance

    Just checkin’ if I’m still a spammer:) What were you tweeting about?

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  2. Matty

    People, it’s all there for you to see! It’s front page on her twitter! No mystery!
    I have work to do but I have a feeling I’m going to be spending ALL of my time flooding her page to increase my chances of getting another reply. If a mere tweet gets me out of my mind, what would happen if I met her?? I’m so happy I actually forgot to eat today! Then I remembered food=survival and went for some celebratory delights. This made my year! Do you realize we have a direct line to Cher! I feel like a priest with God’s phone number.

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    Oh I cant stand Stefan. He acts like he knows everything. Grow up. There is more to life than just dancing in the clubs and dance music.

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