Cher set to Dazzle Las Vegas on Elephant


Fans of award-winning singer & political activist  Cher aren’t going to be disappointed at the glitz and glamour that she’ll serve up in her new Las Vegas residency starting Wednesday night at the new Park Theater at Monte Carlo.

Cher will dazzle in 12 extravagant costumes mostly borrowed from prior tours for her new show “Classic Cher.” Legendary designer Bob Mackie will fly in Monday for final tweaks ahead of the midweek premiere. Cher also is putting final touches on the production in last minute rehearsals. In between spending time on the political campaign trail for Hillary Clinton, organising political protests & unleashing Trump tweets, she has found time to create a never seen before “Woman’s World” opening number, and at one point, she will amaze fans with something new…. sitting atop a life-sized elephant puppet wearing an East Indian outfit.

“I had the opportunity to catch a few minutes of rehearsal, and the staging is spectacular. As you would expect, Cher has created an incredible production that not only will showcase her hit songs, but also will utilize all of the theater’s technical elements.

“You have never seen Cher like this,” said Park Theater Executive Director and General Manager Daniel Bernbach. “We are excited about welcoming one of the greatest entertainment icons to Park Theater for a special extended engagement.”

“There will be plenty of flesh through the mesh,” Bob told me with a little laugh Thursday morning. “All classy and polite, but very sexy for the ‘If I Could Turn Back Time’ number.”

Cher will wear bell-bottoms from her 1960s hit beginnings and maintain her iconic looks through the decades as a half-breed Native American and for a big-surprise disco number.

“It’s funny, but she’s never actually worn that to perform. But everything for the new Las Vegas show falls into that category,” Bob added.

There are costumes that Cher wore in her Farewell Tour and Believe tour that she didn’t manage to wear for her last “Dressed to Kill” Tour, which stopped at MGM Grand Garden Arena with Cyndi Lauper. An exciting video montage will keep fans engaged while Cher changes costumes.

Said Bob: “She’s very excited about this new Las Vegas show. She’s feeling well and in great shape — slim and gorgeous. She always gets a great reaction from her amazing audiences who cover every age bracket.

“She has young kids to adults our age and drag queens. Cher has this amazing charisma that connects with everybody. She simply fascinates people. She is the epitome of showbiz, and you don’t ever forget her. For this show, you never lose her for a minute.”

Cher is set to sing all her classic songs including Believe, Strong Enough, Turn Back Time and a Medley of old hits.


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15 Responses to Cher set to Dazzle Las Vegas on Elephant

  1. Anthony

    What a surprise, you’ve again added your own comments to the article!

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  2. Tom9810

    People have seen that friggen elephant a gazillion times. If she rolls that thing out again it is just getting lame and lazy.

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  3. Rony

    Sad that admin cant avoid being biting in all recent articles. On the other hand, I agree with his sarcastic remark that all past shows were more or less recreations or imitations of “Do you Believe?” show. I would also appreciate if Cher came up with something new – new songs, new costumes, new choreography etc. But when I got to know that the show would be called “Classic Cher”, I immediately knew that it was called that way because it was the easiest way to defend not doing something new. The easiest way of saying ´Hey, guys, the show will be a display of the stuff you have already seen.´ It´s a pity! But I´m looking forward to watching the show anyway cuz I love Cher.

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  4. OwenD

    had to add the political shit . . . it can’t just be an article on our CHER . . . you have to add your “republican’ wit to it! JUST WRITE ABOUT CHER ON HERE . . . SAVE THE POLITICAL BANTER FOR ANOTHER BLOG . . . ABOUT THE ORANGE OOMPA LOOMPA WITH SMALL HANDS THAT WE HAVE FOR PRESIDENT!

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  5. Boswell

    Well, Cher always adds politics into EVERYTHING. But somebody else does and it’s baaaaad. Seriously???

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    • Anthony

      This is a Cher fan site, not a political site! The fact they have added there extra political rubbish in the article is why people have mentioned it!

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  6. CherFan71187

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but the D2K show was completely reimagined. Everything was changed from the believe and farewell tour. It was the first time she added so many new songs and had added truly new costumes, not remakes in different colors. I wish she would just do the entire D2K show again but we should just be happy she’s still performing. If she retired like Tina then everyone would be upset that she’s not performing at all, so let’s just be happy and excited! PS-you cant criticize the owner of the website for putting in political comments. It’s his site, he can write as he pleases. And truthfully a lot of people aren’t going to go see this show due to Chet’s political commentary, so that goes both ways. Cher spans all decades and creeds and by voicing what she does she’s risking cutting off a huge segment of ticket buyers. Anyone who thinks she can survive on only diehards like us and the gays are unrealistic.

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  7. alejandro

    no more visiting this website since the webmaster is an asshole trump supporter. what an idiot you just ruined the best cher fan website, peace!

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    • Sofondayakoch

      So what if he supports Trump. Good for him.Its his right / Trump is awesome and you suck you close minded puppet. You only talk shit about Trump because you have no mind of your own and listen to what Cher says. Shes a millionaire lives in a mansion with armed body guards. She doesnt live in the real world like we do.

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  8. Paul

    What!? No Cher bashing today?!

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  9. Christian

    Ohh poor delicate petals, Cher has been busy with political stuff, is this not the truth? Everyone gets their knickers in a knot that Cher spends more time on her Trump bandwagon than thinking of new material for her concerts. I agree that we are lucky Cher is doing something but this to me seems like an unimaginative money grab. No new promotional material or photos, doesn’t sound like many new costumes or new songs either.

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  10. Carol

    Sounds disappointing… would have loved a completely redesigned show/setlist outside of the usual Cher robot routine. Just got to remember the good times of the past with my DVDs and forget about the current political ramblings.

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  11. Agresti

    18 years u are the same shit !!!!!
    Stay at home and make marmelades
    Its better

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  12. Sofondayakoch

    How in the world does she look so good on tv but then i see her acting like a wild animal on the street and looks like Michael Jacksons cousin. If I were Cher i would sue her plastic surgeon. Hideous!

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  13. Where can I get the music/songs from the elephant act? I’ve looked everywhere! What is it called and what DVD is it on?

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