Cher Reveals Deluxe Tracklisting



Cher revealed on twitter her Official Track List for her new album “Closer To The Truth” deluxe version to be available exclusively at Target.

1. Woman’s World

2. Take It Like a Man

3. My Love

4. Dressed To Kill

5. Red

6. Lovers Forever

7. I Walk Alone

8. Sirens

9. Favorite Scars

10. I Hope You Find It

11. Lie To Me

12. I Don’t Have to Sleep to Dream

13. Pride

14. You Haven’t Seen The Last of Me

15. Woman’s World (R3HAB Mix)

16. Woman’s World (Jodie Harsh Remix)

17. Will You Wait for Me

The non-target Deluxe does not feature as many songs, see track list below..

Cher Closer To The Truth Deluxe

Cher Closer To The Truth



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17 Responses to Cher Reveals Deluxe Tracklisting

  1. jonathan arenas

    wow ya quiero encanta s eve superrrr

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  2. Kaity

    Now lets forget about the cover controversy and concentrate on the music which I am sure everyone will “come together now” and claim AMAZING!

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  3. Christophe


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  4. Christophe

    SPOME1 has put up a FB CHER petition We Want Cher to perform at 41st American Music Awards on November 24, 2013. ck it out,, very cool,, it WORKED FOR BETTY WHITE

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  5. Michael Holubach

    I am so excited, that I may drop dead. God please get me to Target safely on the 24th

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  6. jujubeesgetstuckinmyteeth

    My two favorite things. Cher and Targets.I preordered this cd. I hope I got the one with all these deelishus sounding titles. cd Cover is getting lots of attention. Its showing up in msn as popular searches.I thought she was remaking a classic. Don’t see one that is I recognize. I cant wait.

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  7. Miguel

    Sorry guys..
    target is only to buy it online?like mp3?o?

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  8. Cherfan90210

    Preordered both, can’t wait to see inside and listen to the new tracks, lock myself in room and put on repeat. I luv that feeling listening to a cher song for the very first time…. pure bliss

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  9. horong

    omg finally the goddes came back to us

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    time is so long when y are waiting CHER i cant resist more pls come come ;-))))

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  11. Michael

    I just went to Target online. I searched under Cher, by the album name, upcoming music, Target Exclusive…and couldn’t find anywhere to preorder!!!!! Darn! Too soon?????

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  12. jujubeesgetstuckinmyteeth

    So are you telling me these wont be in cd form at the Targets? I miss the day of the jewel cases in those big cardboard cases.

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  13. jujubeesgetstuckinmyteeth

    Does anyone who the title for the Interview with the Vampires song?I just watched that movie the other night.Cher said the song was rejected for movie.

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    • Christophe

      Shirley Eikhard co-writer of that song sings it on youtube,, GREAT SONG, CHER WILL ROCK IT!!

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  14. Miguel

    Juju..the song is:Lovers Forever!
    What for a movie do you mean..?

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    • jujubeesgetstuckinmyteeth

      I didn’t know the name. Thank you. I watched the movie the other day Interview with Vampire and didn’t know the name of song. love that movie. I hate when the poodles get eaten though

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