Cher’s ‘Truth’ is ‘as good as I’m ever going to do’


Cher USA Today

MALIBU, Calif. — Singer, actress, director, writer, activist, philanthropist, fashion daredevil, indomitable diva. Cher has blazed trails, scaled peaks and burned bridges during her half-century in entertainment. And yet the Goddess of Pop hasn’t quite mastered the art of self-promotion.

“I wasn’t even going to do it,” she says of Closer to the Truth, out Sept. 24. “I thought I already did my best and I didn’t want to do less.”

Cher, 67, credits the relentless prodding of co-manager Lindsay Scott for luring her back to the studio to craft her 26th solo album, the first since 2002’s Living Proof. The diverse results include dance hit Woman’s World, moving 9/11 anthem Sirens, melancholy My Love and swaggering duet Take It Like a Man with Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters.

“I’m just so not a Cher fan, but I like these songs,” she says. “In my life, there are songs I’ve done that I really love, that I don’t think I ruined, like You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me, Song for the Lonely or Believe. But there’s only a handful. The early ones I don’t like at all. My voice was so strange and different. This is as good as I’m ever going to do.”

That’s Cher’s backhanded way of saying Truth might be her best album ever, a sentiment echoed by early critical buzz.

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She’s especially pleased with Lie to Me and I Walk Alone, supplied by friend Pink.

“I’m a gigantic fan,” Cher says. When she heard Pink’s Dear Mr. President, “I cried my eyes out. She’s a real girl who has problems, is soft, is hard. She’s a kick-a– girl who follows after me.”

Cher and pal Shirley Eikhard co-wrote Lovers Forever, cut from 1994’s Interview With the Vampire soundtrack.

“They didn’t love it and there were no other vampire outlets then, so I held it,” Cher says, noting that she seldom records her own material because “it’s moody and introspective, a bit dark and very personal. I write about Kurt Cobain’s death and homeless people. It’s not for everybody.”

The only artist with a No. 1 single on a Billboard chart in each of the past six decades, Cher seems to have something for everybody. The secret to her enduring appeal?

“It’s because she’s Cher,” says Keith Caulfield, Billboard’s associate director of charts/retail. “She’s this icon who’s touched so many people over a long and varied career. Even if you’re not a huge Cher fan, you know I Got You Babe and you’ve seen her slap Nic Cage in Moonstruck.

“People never tire of certain great entertainers like Barbra Streisand, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan and Cher. Just the fact that you endure endears you to people. And she’s a survivor.”

Listen to Cher’s new album Closer To The Truth here.


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Cher's 'Truth' is 'as good as I'm ever going to do', 10.0 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

9 Responses to Cher’s ‘Truth’ is ‘as good as I’m ever going to do’

  1. Andrew

    She did a really great job on the album. My favourite songs so far are “Sirens”, “Take It Like a Man”, and “I Hope You Find It”. Sirens sounds like it should be in a big movie about 9/11.. I would love to see a high quality production music video for it. Another thing, that song sounds kinda 80’s power ballad – IHYFI too. Take it like a man is very dancey and I’m sure many drag queens will have fun performing it lol. It’s a good song!

    I have to say I’ll be shocked if the album has big sales, especially opening week. I’d like to see some of these songs in the top 40… But I’m not sure that will happen either. I know I sound a little pessimistic. I really hope it’s a major success! Nothing would make me happier. I don’t hear it on the radio where I live.. Hopefully they’ll start playing it. I think “I hope you find it” sounds very radio friendly.

    Regardless, some great music for my ipod. Thanks Cher!

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  2. ken

    I hope this album goes number 1 it will be her 1st.believe went number 4 because usa would not play it until it went number #1 all over the world

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  3. Josh bach

    This is just the beginning of a new era on Cher, new events are coming and i have the feeling that it`s just going to be amazing!! by the way she looks georgeous!! simply beautiful!!! The best!!!

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  4. ken g

    just heard the whole album on amazon it is amazing love all the songs love i walk alone the most, cant wait to buy at target on the 24th and seeing her perform on nbc today show on the plaza the 23rd love you cher

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  5. Stacey

    This album must go #1, Cher deserves it more than ever. Spread the word!

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  6. Matty

    Wish Cher for much success, but I’m glad that I and only I got this new music. I can not appreciate more than I already do. Happy.

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  7. @Fredd_Cordero

    ¡Cher best album ever! #Isaid

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  8. Bob Cruanas

    She looks BEAUTIFUL! Great music by far.

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  9. peter muth

    This album is great and took a second listen. Its not a party as you might think from the first track but a sound to hear Chers voice and very personal. I have been a huge fan for years and this truly is a great album…listen and give it a moment to sink in, feel it with all the passion that Cher delivers…its a real passionate piece of work.
    Hope you enjoy

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