Upcoming Cher Promo Appearances

Cher Closer To The Truth Album Cover

Cher Closer TO The Truth Appearances

Cher’s got a busy promotional schedule coming up for the release of her new album Closer To The Truth on September 24.

22nd September – CBS News Sunday Interview

22nd September – SUNDAY NIGHT Australian Interview in Cher’s Malibu Mansion

23rd September – Today Show Concert

24th September – Late Show with David Letterman CBS Chat Show

24th September – Release of Closer To The Truth CD PREORDER HERE

24th September – Release of Dear Mom Love Cher DVD documentary PREORDER HERE

5th October – Wetten, Dass..? German Interview/performance along with Sylvester Stallone & Harrison Ford.

As always her interviews with David Letterman are unforgettable, who could forget the time Cher called Letterman an as$ho$e and when Sonny and Cher reunited to sing “I Got You Babe”.

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13 Responses to Upcoming Cher Promo Appearances

  1. ken

    cant wait

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  2. Terry Holiday


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  3. Terry Holiday

    Please don’t forget México city…!!!

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  4. TheMan

    She will Not only be interviewed, she will also perform on Wetten Dass! Probably I Hope You Find, which will be the first German single.

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  5. Lonnie

    will Cher be introducing her next single on Sept 23 on the Today show? Anyone know????

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  6. Stacey

    I think Cheers next single should be Take It Like A Man from the previews. I hope she sings it on Today… fingers crossed

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  7. Matthias

    The first single in Germany will be “I Hope You Find It”. It will be released together with “Woman’s World” on October 4th.

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  8. Marky

    I would imagine the next single to align with the album release will be dressed to kill. i’d imagine her tour will be announced at the same time and thats the tour name.
    can’t wait to see if what her schedule is for UK & Ireland promotion.

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  9. patrice

    HO quel bonheur cet album, CHER nous apporte de la fraicheur et de l’oxygène. Ces mélodies sont différentes à ce qu’il se fait maintenant. Merci CHER qu’elle soleil cet album.

    Google Traduct

    HO how happy this album CHER brings the freshness and oxygen. These melodies are different than it is now. Thank you CHER that sun this album.

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  10. Craig_Cairns

    I don’t like take it like a man or dressed to kill they sound too dated, i like the rest of the songs though “red” should be the single

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  11. rony

    Cher has already said that she wants Take it Like a Man and Dressed to Kill as next singls. She never said a word about I Hope You Find It. Some1 asked her about IHYFI and she said that her fav are diff.

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  12. Stefan agresti

    IF thé look of the pic correspond to The New vidéo clip
    I have to stay : Hip Hip Hip houra !!! 😉
    She looks FABULOUS she looks damn sexy and hot !!!! OMG 😉
    Nobody share my opinion ??

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  13. [email protected]

    hi! I’m going to the Wetten,dass..show on october 5. Has anyone got any advice for me on how I can get a picture with her? Bring her flowers? Contact her entourage?(numbers please!:))… I would give a lot for a pic with her!!

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