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“All right, well, this is the beginning of the magical mystery circus…”

Monday night, Cher took the stage at Toyota Center on her second stop on the “Dressed to Kill” final farewell tour. It really will be a shame if this is her goodbye to the stage, because at age 67, she absolutely kicked the shit out of it.

But first up, the inimitable Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo, who freakin’ opened for Cher.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. The fact that those two musicians were opening for anyone is ludicrous to me too, considering they could easily pull off their own massive stadium tour, but the only thing I can say is that it’s Cher, and she does what she wants. Lucky for us.

There’s nothing quite as awesome as watching Benatar and Giraldo onstage together. It’s been 35 years since they first took the stage, and not much has changed. Benatar’s vocals are still every bit as velvety and throaty as ever. She’s insane. And Giraldo is a flirt, both musically and otherwise, teasing the audience with a grin and bits and pieces of songs like Rick Springfield’s “Jesse’s Girl.” They stuck with Benatar’s hits, though, and thank God they did. That’s where they both belong.

They’re a power couple, no question. Giraldo is insane, ripping not only that guitar but the piano to shreds, and at points both the piano and guitar. And Benatar is the quintessential rocker, with every ounce of stage presence one would want in a rock star. At one point, the entire stadium, already full for this opening act, was singing along to “Love Is a Battlefield.”

It was so awesome to see; my only complaint was that their set was way too short. But in reality, I could have watched those two lovebirds play all night. They really are something special.

And then came Cher.

In a flurry of costumes and wig changes, Cher took the stage and the entire show changed. We jumped from some serious rock music to a showcase of Cher’s styles through the years. It was a crazy transition, but somehow — probably because it was Cher — it happened seamlessly.

The opening song was announced via a glittering, high-to-the-heavens pedestal, from which Cher sang the opening of “Strong Enough.” In theory it seems campy and silly for someone to arrive on a giant pedestal amid golden backup dancers, but honestly, it worked. Everything worked.

Cher’s stage antics were amazing from the moment she arrived, as one would expect from such a seasoned performer, but her self-deprecating humor was an unexpected (and most welcome) arrival. She joked about her lack of an ass while poking fun at Kim Kardashian’s, and basically spent about ten minutes endearing herself to the already adoring audience. Cher had them in the palm of her hand from the get-go, but she still managed to make herself just a little bit more accessible. It was way cute.


You can still BUY TICKETS to see Cher’s Dressed To Kill Tour here.

That was the theme for the entire show. Everything was over the top, from the umpteen costume and wig swap-outs to Cher’s fantastic costumes and rockin’ body. Man, it’s hard to believe that the woman is 67 years old now. She’s got the body of a 20-year-old, and the sense of humor to match.

The set list scattered her many hits over the years, stretching all the way back to the Sonny and Cher days. She hit about every era, with “If I Could Turn Back Time” being the obvious standout. Her massive ’90s dance hit, “Believe,” was a close second, with neon backup dancers and a semi-gyrating Cher — she doesn’t really dance as much as she struts — but you really can’t top her ’80s era.

Sonny even joined her onstage via a projector screen during “I Got You Babe.” It was the only time Cher really toned it back, introducing the number with a bit of ambivalence and saying she knows Sonny would have loved it. It sounds tacky on paper, but honestly wasn’t. She did him proud with a sweet rendition of the song, true to the original, in which she sang back to his lyrics.

She did everyone proud though, really. Cher is an icon for a reason, and if this really is her “final farewell-farewell” tour, that’s a shame. Judging from Monday night, she’s got about 67 more years left in her, and only gets better with time.

Costume Change: Cher did make a change to her BELIEVE costume from Phoenix.  The Believe costume is now the same as she wore at Vegas with a blonde wig.

Personal Bias: Honestly, I figured I’d be way more into Pat Benatar’s set. I was pleasantly surprised by Cher. Go figure.

The Crowd: Evenly split by the older, more nostalgic generation and men looking up to Cher as their icon. She brings in such a diverse and friendly crowd, put perhaps that’s because she truly is fab.

Overheard In the Crowd: “Ooh girl. This has to be at least the seventh wig change now!” (It had to be, but I’d lost count as well at that point.)

Random Notebook Dump: Sorry, Bey, but you’ve got nothing on this one. We’ll give you about 35 more years, and then we’ll talk. Cher knows how to do this diva thing right.


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36 Responses to Cher D2K Houston Tour Review

  1. Cynthia

    I saw the show…words cannot describe…was just so awesome…she is truly an artist and performer…we all loved her.

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  2. michael Holubach

    Cause it’s Fucking Cher man!!!!

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  3. michael Holubach

    I cant wait to May 17th in Miami. I am going to rock with her.

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    • Derrick

      Hey Michael,
      I too live in South Florida and have 2nd row seats to see Cher the same night that you’re going. I’m really looking forward to that night. A true Cher fan knows that as her tour progresses she adds better costumes and hair styles, brings in more dancers, and even changes her Tour song list. We’re in for a great night.I also have a strong gut feeling that by May Bob Mackie is going to surprise us all and create a few new looks for her. Have a great time at the “Extravaganza”!!!

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  4. rony

    They fixed the helmet for the opening number, so this time she wore it during the whole song WW. As for the Believe costume, I didn´t like the rainbow one, but I hope that they will make a new one. Hopefully the Vegas costume is only a provisional solution.

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  5. dusty

    i really wish i was able to go:( really breakes my heart not seeing her in person only through the t.v its not the same

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    • Derrick

      Hi Dusty,
      Never say never….who knows???….you might wind up going. Pray for it. I’m not kidding. Ever heard of the word miracle? They happen every day. By the way, Cher is in negotiations right now about possibly taping this tour for DVD. She was really disappointed that she didn’t do it for her stay in Las Vegas. Cher is not known for making the same mistake twice….so….start praying…and start smiling!!!


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  6. Fantabulous!!! Cher is INCREDIBLE! An Amazing Woman! LEGEND!!!!

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  7. Christophe

    THE HOUSTON PRESS, had great and positive reviews about CHER n D2K, however, this comment below is so LUDICROUS
    “But first up, the inimitable Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo, who freakin’ opened for Cher.

    Yes, I know what you’re thinking. The fact that those two musicians were opening for anyone is ludicrous to me too, considering they could easily pull off their own massive stadium tour, but the only thing I can say is that it’s Cher, and she does what she wants.”

    LOVE ME PAT,, she has an amazing voice!!, great songs,, AS i see it Pat n Neil should be lucky to be part of D2K tour,
    NOT starting trouble,, BUT why would a reporter not be careful in what they write??!!

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    • Derrick

      Hey there Mr. C!!!!
      How are you doing? Just wanted to add one thing to your perfect comment. The reason that Pat Benatar opened for Cher was because they’ve been friends since Pat had her first hit. As girlfriends they always wanted to do something together and a duet never seemed to come along. It’s like Cindi Lauper too. They’re best friends and do alot of work for the same charities. Cher loves sharing a stage with personal friends. Remember back in the early 1980’s(A Celebration At Caesars Palace)? Cher and Kenny Sasha(Bette Midler) used to hit the clubs together and dance till dawn. From that relationship came the idea to do that drag number which was great! Not many people know it, but Kenny passed away from AIDS. Cher paid for the entire funeral in every way.To have Cher as one of your friends is a true blessing. She is the real meaning of the words neverending love. Nuf said………..

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      • Christophe

        Hi there D, agree with it all,, I dont care on the way the the reporter weorded it,, AS IF CHER WAS NOT GOOD ENUFF!!
        sad about kenny, knew he had passed away, but not that CHER paid for his funeral,,amazing woman,,
        as for freinds i’ve heard that about her,, my brother used to work in b’dales she would visit lots when she lived in NYC, she got to knew him really well n knew him by his name,,he started me on CHER,, i too lost my bro to aids..
        ok my friend,, be well thanx for so much info,, dig readin what u know on her,,

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  8. ray m in nashville

    Ya know , all I can say is , Cher picks the best opening acts with class and entertainment credentials to match none other .
    I’m there on Monday @ Bridgestone , terminally ill or not have my tickets and will be sitting back taking it all in .
    As they say,”when ya die you have a life review and I will be kickin it into heaven seeing all this again and again .
    love to all .
    Cher what a memory I will have to take with me on my journey home .

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  9. dusty

    Thank you derrick l know your praying for a miracle babe and I’m saying that same prayer too that she does put it on DVD if she does it will be over the top who will be singing with her if anyone but she can hold her own and has been doing so for 50 years and many more to come

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  10. Agresti

    i have watching Many vidéos of tours
    And réally Im not surprising by thé show
    Certainly Coz i have seen so better from CHER. …..
    Only 4 new songs from thé album
    The new costumes and new wigs are horrible
    Especially for strong enought … Horrible pink wig and horrible cheap costume
    Horrible wig for take it Like à Man
    The costume is Nice
    Ridiculous wig for if i CAN Turn Back Time
    Always more and more big but cher doenst look more young for That. …
    The costume is always thé same but its ok its very sexy
    The costume of WW world is innapropriate for à dance song …..
    Normally CHER must dance or minimum move to give energy to thé song
    And with plums and big hat on thé head ……. Stupid

    CHER look tired without energy she sing without conviction …. She move less and less and she walk slowly and slowly
    Im afraid Coz its only thé begining of thé tour !!!!
    Her body is not feat Certainly miss good training

    She always goes at left àt right
    Move little béat arms
    Dorian is thé best chorégraphe. …
    Sometimes dancers hélp her to go in thé center of the stage or for stairs

    For take it Like à Man she mâles 3 movement at thé end of thé song
    This 3 movements are alteady on béliève and farwell tour

    Dont think à DVD its à good idéa …if nothing change better dont do it
    Excepted if u want to see à CHER walking slowly on stage à cher tired without energy à cher not feat and looking Old

    Sad but true

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    Rating: -1 (from 1 vote)
  11. Christophe

    In English or in French the news is the same,, lets not FORGET n be SELFISH CHER HAD FOOT SURGERY BACK IN NOV, 2014, that was only 4 months ago,, IS HER TOUR ABOUT HER MUSIC/VOICE?????? OR HOW SHE DANCES??? LAST I checked CHER was a SINGER not a dancer!! the older u get the hard sometimes bones take to heal! GIVE HER A BREAK,, every city she has been to so far, the REVIEWS have been VERY, VERY POSITIVE!

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  12. dusty

    i dont care i want to see her on a dvd cause i’m not able to see her in person slow or not as long as i can live through the concert on dvd i’ll be happy

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  13. Agresti

    Christophe her Music her voice is important true and about this subject her voice is perfect strong ! Love it
    Cher is not à dancers true. ,,,, but bêtween dancing from the begining to the end of the show and dancing or moving for giving energy to the song Cher CAN found à Just middle !!!!!!!!
    Take it Like à Man
    Womans world
    Strong enought
    That Kind need cher dancing or moving need a form of energy giving by her movement
    Think she CAN do it for 4 songs …….. Instead to économise herself from thé begining to thé end of show !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Once àgain i love Cher my critics are done for when something go wrong
    Cher is able to dance comon
    WE love turn Back Time WE have seen all of us cher interpreting That song in béliève tour in farwell tour ..,, jumping laughing dancing ..on this song
    And when i see her now interpréting this song for dressed to kill tour Sorry but my hearth is Broken it kill me. !!
    She looks so tired she walk slowly on stage with her 2 kilos of wig ( too Much )
    Her body not feat only the costume is thé same. …. Sad
    Think cher CAN change it with à good training à good chorégraphe à good team à réal team !!
    She must change all éven her arrival on stage 10 pm is too late for her and for anybody she Had loosed all her energy
    She is empty and i feel it
    All That Kind of things CAN be change
    Is not à question of âge tina Turner still dancing and réally dancing. … At 70
    Its simply à question of good and bad team
    And cher is unlucky for That

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  14. Agresti

    Other thing
    I walk alone
    Was gréât choice to give energy to thé new show Coz is à new show isn it ????????

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  15. Christophe

    from one french man to another hate to disagree with u once again,, U R DEAD WRONG.
    LOVE LOVE Tina Turner, so does CHER,, in her last concert TT does not dance she just moves in a fast way,,her dancers do all the work.
    i will agree on one thing, i go way back to being a CHER fan, love her ROCK, ballads MUSIC more then dance,,tis type of music shows off her amazing range, dance music CAN NOT, however, when she does it live she nails it!! like everything else CHER DOES! it seems u r juding her moves based on videos put up from fans , thank god for them but not so fair as its not of the best production! or the same as being there in the flesh,, i bet even u be screaming and jumping,,GIVE HERE A BREAK, in her older concerts CHER would move, things have changed SHE CAN NOT exhausted herself, 1. foot surgery still healing, 2. Epstein Barr Virus/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,you wouldnt know tis coz u dont really follow her ART!

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  16. christophe
    “i will agree on one thing, i go way back to being a CHER fan, love her ROCK, ballads MUSIC more then dance,,tis type of music shows off her amazing range, dance music CAN NOT”

    Totally agree on this one. Also, as one who has the Epstein Barr Virus/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome myself, I can totally respect how much energy it must take Cher to tour.

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  17. Agresti

    If u are à réal fan
    U CAN réalize Like me That the steps
    Of take it Like à Man are steps used
    For béliève and farwell
    Too repetitiv Man
    And What is doing dorian Sanchez. ???
    Its not do difficult to improve new steps
    New movement for thé 4 dance songs of the show
    Béliève me it Will be complètely différent
    She must give more energy to thé song by thé movement
    Like for WW thé opening of the show
    The costume is ridiculous for the dance song !!!! She cant move she cant éven walk
    With this big hat with enormous plums
    Its Nice for à slow for à ballad not for a dance Music
    Inapropriate Christophe and its impossible to give me wrong

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    Rating: -1 (from 1 vote)
    • Christophe

      HAVE A GOOD SAD LIFE,, your idea of being entertained is Britney Spears, JLO, Madonna no singing voice needed!
      CHER KNOWS ABOUT SHOWMANSHIP! its called being around for 50 yrs! i will not level with u ever again! U R BEYOND HELP!!

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      Rating: +3 (from 3 votes)

    CHER IS #1

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  19. Christophe

    Eric i feel for you,, Stay well man,,

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    Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)
  20. Agresti

    Its à forum WE CAN exchange our différent point of view …..
    I dont need help or something Else
    Its Just my opinion and i respect ur opinion Christophe
    Éven if refuse to see the true
    I never say Cher was bad préformer Coz i love her Just say thé new show need some energy more
    I never say cher must say cher have to dance from thé begining to thé end of thé show Like Madonna or …….
    Just say it Will be better if Cher improved new steps for dancing on thé 4 dance songs of the show Will be gréât
    And i love it
    U Know WE are not in war ….WE are Just speaking about Cher show….. Nothing Else. …… ;-)))))))))
    Dont take it too serious

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  21. Agresti

    And i walk alone , pride Will be gréât also for the now she must improve new steps
    For those songs too !!!!!!!! Lol

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  22. Agresti

    And i walk alone , pride Will be gréât also for the show now she must improve new steps
    For those songs too !!!!!!!! Lol

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  23. Thank you Christophe.

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  24. dusty

    the nerve of some people that thinks that britney or jlo or even skanky madonna not to mention the b**ch lady ugly ass gaga to ever come close to be taken as any form of entertainment dont get me wrong i like some songs of britney,jlo,and madonna never again with lady gaga there is NO ONE!!!!!!!!!!!! NO ONE THAT WILL EVER TAKE CHERS PLACE i dont ever see any of them ever at chers age to be doing what cher is been able to do if you have a problem of what i said…..THEN TUFF S**T GET OVER YOUR SELF

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  25. Christophe

    NOW on her 7th tour date in Pittsburgh, CHER receives yet again very positive reviews from TRIB Total Media. In this review, CHER told the story of a foot injury that’s kept her from doing much skipping across the stage.

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  26. Lolo

    Saw the show – er, spectacular – last night in Pittsburgh. Have been waiting all my life to witness this and was worth the wait! Her body, her voice, her energy…over the top! She took an amazing ride over the audience in a cage…how DID they do that? Kudos, and many many more years, Ms. Cher! You have brought us so much.

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  27. Cherfan90210

    Agresti I luv that u are passionate but Cher isn’t 21 anymore, can’t expect her to break a hip on stage with all these dance moves. If she is happy with basic moves on stage in order to tour so be it. I am just happy she is doing it and not sitting at home in Malibu with Mr Big knitting.

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  28. Agresti

    True im passionnate for CHER so i dont Want she getting old!!! She has Time for That!!!!
    And i tell y a secret im thinking about her next album and next tour 😉
    Some night im dreaming about it and in the morning i think Whats is possible about her new album Whats is the best Way for her new show
    Im à true passionnate for her sometimes
    I said hard things i never think but just if she read it to boost her energy
    Certainly sometimes she would Like to slap me ….;-) but true its just for the best of her
    I would Like to see her in new york
    Is somebody CAN help me ?
    Il live in France and i havé try checking places but i dont see exactly on the plan
    Whats the best place
    Sûre i Want to be the nearest or her Like That she CAN slap me more easily lol
    I CAN give my mail if somebody CAN help me or Want to join me in NY
    We CAN havé fun

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    Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)
  29. Partie

    Not waiting for you to make it to Australia. I am attending to Las Vegas show.

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    Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)

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