Cher Headlines Australian 2018 Mardi Gras


About half a million people lined Sydney’s streets on Saturday to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras – the first time the annual parade has taken place since Australia legalised same-sex marriage.

Pop superstar Cher headlined the parade’s official party.

The age-defying 71-year-old made her way through the crowds of drag queens and revellers, with the help of her security entourage  She turned heads in a vibrant voluminous burnt orange wig styled in loose waves with a blunt fringe stopping just above her bold brows.

Never one to shy away from showing off her assets, she put on a busty display flaunting her cleavage with plunging neckline.

She graciously spoke to the adoring Australian media at the parade, answering many of the pressing questions.

The Californian-born beauty then made her way to the Qantas float for the parade, as her classic hit songs If I Could Turn Back Time and Strong Enough played from the loud speakers.


Cher performed later in the night to the sold out crowd singing popular hits including All or Nothing, Believe and Turn Back Time.  Her wardrobe included costumes from prior tours including her vintage 1980s Turn Back Time look and silver sequined Believe ensemble.

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Cher Headlines Australian 2018 Mardi Gras, 10.0 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

7 Responses to Cher Headlines Australian 2018 Mardi Gras

  1. Rony

    1) Cher is a true legend! 2) Anywhere she goes, she becomes the center of attention – great aura! 3) She looked great in the crowd (love her new outfit) and she also looked great on stage! 4) For 71, she still rocks. BUT! My big regret is that she forgets to come up with new ideas. It is a pity! It would be so cool if she sang newer songs too, if she had new fresh ideas. (Eg. I think that many gay people love EDM music and a lot of young fans would appreciate if she sang, for example, Red, Dressed to Kill, Take It Like A Man…she has so many great songs, but rarely sings them. I know it´s easier to do the same stuff time after time, but…)

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  2. You look great love to know your secrets. Keep on trucking. God bless. I love watching on Facebook. You should go to New Zealand fun to see

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  3. Sean

    Im Glad it was a happy time and turned out to be a great event!
    Back to her hair she had while back at her previous Sold Out Gay Pride event! She looks good in Orange!

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  4. Agresti

    SINCE 1999 dame songs steps costumes
    it become a real nightmare

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  5. Stacey

    Another lazy performance… step one shuffle feet… sidestep… same costume… drowned out singing.

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  6. Mark

    Fortunately, there are millions of other fans who disagree with Stacey and Agresti. She does a great job for a “legend” in her 70’s now…Rock on Cher!

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