CHER Officially releases WOMANS WORLD – Listen!

Cher Closer To The Truth Album Cover

cherwomansworldofficial CHER Officially releases WOMANS WORLD   Listen!

Cher has announced that her HIT SINGLE Womans World will officially be released shortly for radio airplay worldwide and you will be able to purchase on iTunes with exact dates coming soon.

(An earlier version of this article reported that Woman’s World was due for release Monday, Nov. 26, followed by a commercial release to iTunes shortly after. However this is incorrect and we apologize for this,the full release dates will be posted as soon as possible. )

You can listen to the complete Womans World track here! Cher sounds awesome and should be so proud of all her hard work.  This ALBUM, her first since 2001 Living Proof will ROCK, welcome back to the dance floor CHER!  What do you think?  There is talk that the following is going to be the single cover artwork..

cherwomansworldsingle CHER Officially releases WOMANS WORLD   Listen!

Cher tweeted, “when I started singing it I thought about strong Famous Women..Then I Thought ‘fk That”THIS IS A WOMAN’S WORLD’ We’re All Strong ! MEN 2,” Cher also earlier revealed to fans that the recording of her album is almost over with the album to feature a massive 15 songs including 4 bonus tracks, so there are certainly going to be even more hits to come.  Cher further explained the album describing it as “like Believe CD ! Eclectic!Lots of dance,but None r SAME KIND OF DANCE ! Have Big ass Choruses,Some HEART RIPPERS !”

cherwomansworld1 CHER Officially releases WOMANS WORLD   Listen!

You can do your part to make Cher’s Womans World NUMBER 1 by trending on twitter this coming MONDAY NOVEMBER 26th using the hash-tag #cherwomansworld at approx 15:00 UTC/GMT

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CHER Officially releases WOMANS WORLD - Listen!, 9.4 out of 10 based on 17 ratings

156 Responses to CHER Officially releases WOMANS WORLD – Listen!

  1. David Parris

    This is an awesome song by the fantastic Cher !! I hope she tours in Miami in the near future !! Absolutely love Cher !! Magnificent !!

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  2. I have loved Cher for so many years!!! Can wait fro this album to come out. I love this song already…

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  3. Jackie

    I love whatever she does. As long as it is from her that is all that matters. Anything she does is great. I love listening to her new song on this site and enjoyed seeing her live on the voice, she outdid everyone there, old and new. Thanks Cher for all your music and movies and if you go on tour again, I hope you come to Albuquerque, NM. I/WE LOVE YOU! JACKIE

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  4. Sandra Cross

    I just can’t hardly wait for the CD, a true awesome Diva. Always has been and always will be. Best wishes Cher!

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  5. Tami

    This is my new motivational song to get me going and knowing I can get there. Great work Cher, you are awesome!!

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  6. Joe

    Love Cher. I have everything by her for years. Mint Cher dolls and Sonny too. Donated to Sonny’s mayorial campaign. This song is not worth the wait. Music is good, lyrics???? Not the best video either. All of it is beneath someone of her ICONIC and Star status. I’ll still buy the album. I hope there is better material on it. I’d still like Cherished, Stars, I’d Rather Believe in You and Allman and Woman CDs released.

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  7. Landreneaux Eddie W

    Love my Cher can’t hardly wait for her new CD! She is the best!

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