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Dancing with the Stars celebrated ‘Cher Night’ – with the pop superstar performing twice and all the dances of the night being to her songs.

Cher started the evening in a short zigzag patterned dress to perform her smash hit BELIEVE. Later in the show Cher also sang her new single I Hope You Find It wearing a huge black feather headdress.  The contestants danced to Cher’s hits including Womans World, Turn Back Time and I Found Someone.

The stars admitted they were intimidated, with Corbin Bleu calling her a ‘god’ and comedian Bill Engvall saying she was always ‘one of my fantasy girls’.

‘Cher, my biggest fear was that I was going to meet you tonight and go, “Hi, my name is Oh-my-God-there’s-Cher!”,’ he later admitted to her.

Jack Osbourne, meanwhile, called her ‘a legend’ and admitted: ‘I’m not sure if I’m going to be nervous – or just terrified.’


Cher also happily poked fun at her diva-like reputation. When host Tom Bergeron told her she could do anything she wanted – even order pizza – she quipped: ‘As everyone knows, I don’t know how to call out for pizza.’

Cher said that as a judge she was looking for ‘the star quality, the thing that you can’t put your finger on’, telling Brant: ‘It’s the thing – like the smile that you did – that special thing.’

‘It’s true, you have star quality,’ Carrie Ann agreed. ‘I think out of everybody here you have the most potential.’

But she had also warned him he needed to ‘finesse’ his moves, and Bruno agreed. ‘You have a lot to offer, but she is right. Refine it. It’s brilliant what you do – but you can be even better.’


More Cher advise to the other stars..

To Brant Daugherty: “You two had two smiles that went together.”

To Bill Engvall after his disco to “Strong Enough”: “Uh, I was amazed you could get her up in all those…positions.” (“It’s a little blue pill,” Engvall clarified.)

To Jack Osbourne: “I thought it was great. You’re like a tango-dancing pimp!”

To Amber Riley after her rumba: “Fabulous. You owned it, you bought it, you got a t-shirt.”

To Tom Bergeron: “As everyone knows, I don’t know how to call out for pizza.”

At one point, during a critique of Elizabeth Berkley and Val Chmerkovskiy (Spiderweb Bodysuit and Shirtless)’s jazz routine set to her song “Bang Bang,” Cher endured one of the LONGEST BLEEPS EVER RECORDED. Damn that 10-second delay! Try to figure out what she said along with me, and check out some other highlights below.

The bleep occurred right after Cher enthused that she’d liked “the rough part” of Elizabeth and Val’s adventures in burlesque. “I like it when…. [BIG LONG BLEEP],” Cher continued. (The offending language begins at 2:26 below.)


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  1. Michael Holubach

    It was spectacular. Cher looked great and sounded great.

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  2. Peter

    She was great and her voice is better than ever. I can’t wait to see her in May when she comes to my town Orlando. We are lucky to have a living legend that still performs.

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  3. I don’t agree Michael she actually had tears in her eyes after “I hope you find it” it seemed to me she couldn’t find her range or the high notes, I don’t think she was happy with her performance. Otherwise I thought she was great and seemed to be having a real good time.

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    • Christophe

      i’ve looked at this video over 20x she did an amazing job, nailed it, hit every note as she has on other preformances,,,, the audience as way toooooooo loud,, i think tis is a sad song for CHER, for a few reasons, 1. didnt CHER recently break up with some1??, and it may have many other meaning to her,2. chaz for example,,

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      • Christophe

        ONE MORE thing, CHER was nervous didn’t show it in any of her performances,, there was definitely emotion, even on chaz’s face wafter CHER was done singin IHYFI. COMES ON this show was a TRIBUTE, DEDICATION to CHER,,IT was CHER all over,, i don’t watch tis show,, but i don’t think any other artist has had such a tribute!

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    • Michael Holubach

      Sorry dude. cant agree with you. She was on point and perfect. The song is a tear jerker and the tear was, well she is an amazing actress

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  4. Cherfan90210

    She did a good job of it, always does with I Hope You Find It, it is mainly sung because it is a SAFE song off the album to sing live but any commercial success with it I question?!. WW was always a train wreck sung live but the big potential commercial successes TILAM and MY LOVE i am afraid simply wouldn’t sound good live, in fact many songs on the new album will be very hard for to pull off singing live..

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  5. Cherfan90210

    Wow also Chaz looks great but think he has too been visiting the plastic surgeon lately, his face looks more defined in parts in this pick. Must be using the same guy as Cher because it looks like good quality workmanship.

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  6. dusty

    cher sounded awsome better than expected i seen the tears in chaz’s eyes on two parts one when they danced to i got you babe th other was ihyfi loved the whole show it would have been nice to hear cher sing more of her songs but oh well wonder what else is in store but they need to do a tribute show to her like the one they did for reba having other singers singing her songs and receving an award thats what i think

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  7. Cher was as great as ever…She’s got it all as an entertainer, she tops my charts!! She gives a heck of a performance when she tours, she is awesome…love her to pieces

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  8. Janna

    Loved Cher’s 1st outfit & hair when she performed “Believe”… she looked so hot! Overall, she was amazing… love her always! 🙂

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  9. Nick Hastings

    Did the dancing with the stars dance to believe or were those paid Cher Dancers?!

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  10. Patrice

    Cher a fait une très belle prestation. Vous lui offrez un show que nous ne savons pas faire chez nous. Bravo à CHER et à danse avec les stars, c’est magnifique. Merci

    google traduct
    Cher has a very good performance. You offer her a show that we do not know how to do here. Congratulations to CHER and dancing with the stars, it’s beautiful. thank you

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  11. Stefan agresti

    Amazing CHER so sexy
    Love love to see yr legs Tks to show it !!!
    😉 for me this look its yr best look like i told That long Time ago short dress high heels long black haïr
    U are dressed to kill
    U have done a Spectacular work on yr body u r slim in shape sexy and u move really really Well
    Love ur steps on Believe it was gréât to see That Believe me really really gréât
    I have saw y in leiptzig germany 8 years ago and i CAN tell y steps wasnt so good wasnt so fast
    Y are timeless still go ahead still growing Up
    Im so happy for y BB good workout good training
    One thing work ur cardio training to keep the distance. Y need more cardio training
    For dancing work also yr stability
    XXX love y
    U are a beautiful girl

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  12. Stefan agresti

    CHER on XMEN
    I imagine her
    She Will be absolutly famous

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  13. Christophe

    GREAT to SEE that CHER has been nominated in over 5 categories for World Music Awards,, WE ALL NEED TO VOTE

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    Rating: +2 (from 2 votes)
  14. Michael Holubach

    My votes are in

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  15. Christophe

    Hey gang lets get behind this and VOTE-WORLD MUSIC AWARDS 2013
    WE ALL MUST VOTE in each of category
    Cher “World’s Best Female Artist”
    Cher “World’s Best Entertainer”
    Cher “Closer To the Truth’ as “World’s Best album”
    Cher “Woman’s World’ as “World’s Best Song”
    Cher “Woman’s World’ as “World’s Best Video”
    Cher “World’s Best Live Act”

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  16. Christophe


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    now its time to make a big clip video for take it like a man
    this song is amazing with a good remix and a film cher can be number one its sure the potential of this song is really big
    and it can be a hit
    this song can bring closer to the truth higher and higher
    but need a big production a real clip video with cher dancing with beautiful men a story a short film cher in bed with 2 men for exemple
    and dont forget in the cover of closer to the truth cher is really sexy in a bed and certainly she is waiting 2 mens 😉
    it can be hot and it can be good way for a clip
    cher needs to prepare also the remix for clubbing and radios it will be great to give interviews for radios
    for paris exemple cher doesnt give any interviews to radio FG or ENERGY and that is a big missing for a promotion its two big stations and they dont diffuse the new album……sad
    cher needs to make a really good clip video for take it like a man
    and big diffusion for clubbing and radios
    after that Closer to the Truth will be on the Top!!!!!!
    the album of stupid lady gaga is not a succes ;-DDD really really bad sellings
    it was better for her to promot the duet with Cher ……….this song is really good

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  18. Sofondaykoch

    I see Cher had missed every cool opportunity to promote Take It Like a Man, I know she had surgery. What about the American Music Awards. I thought take it like a man was next single? I have seen no official video for IHYFI or TILAM, No radio play for either in US. Unfuckingbelievable crappy missed opportunities. I guess new songs will nor Cher will ever be on US radios again.

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    Rating: +2 (from 2 votes)
  19. Matty

    I would have hoped that My Love or Dressed to Kill would be the next single…

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    Rating: +4 (from 4 votes)
  20. Stefan agresti

    Maybe after this surgery she Will be able to dance again
    Hope to see it !!! Coz i love her

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    Rating: -1 (from 1 vote)
  21. My love should be her next single. Excellent cross over appeal, would be a hit on the contemporary charts and the dance charts.

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    Rating: +2 (from 2 votes)

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