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Turning 60 has not slowed down Cher’s sharp tongue. ‘I look at Madonna and think “Nice try dear, but you’re not doing anything I didn’t do 20 ago”,’. Some people have criticised Madonna for not being unique on her current Confessions World tour and Cher may be one of them. After all she makes her grand appearance coming down from the ceiling and cracks a whip…. sound familiar? So who is the more innovative DIVA in your opinion? Who has the best costumes and who gives the best concert?

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  1. cher can actualy sing live madonna can lipsynch live forget madonna shes a terrible singer

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  2. DBeezy

    years after this is written? madonna kicks chers ass. its a womans world failed to hit the charts. cher tries to sing with lady gaga to remain relevent. Cher has never had an number one album. least not in the us. XD cher is queen of variety hour. madonna is queen of pop. its facts people. i love them both but dont compare. cher is a great woman love her movies. but she is not no madonna. how many videos of chers got banned? how many times have you seen cher naked? once again cher is no madonna XD

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  3. Tracy Fiorenza

    “Cher is educated were getting Madonna” 30 million MDMA, probably her least popular CD. Everyone in Hollywood KNOWS Cher is the REAL DIVA!

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  4. JR

    Love both, but, outside of what she wore, Cher did not push the envelope and shake up the culture like Madonna did with her work. So, not sure what she meant back in the day when she’d say things like that. And, unfortunately, Cher’s never been a big critical success for her music (appearances on best-of lists, etc.) One of my favorites, though.

    Cher has said great stuff about Madonna in recent times, so all is good between the two.

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  5. Phil O'Malley

    Well, well…still Madonna vs. Cher, huh? No comparison. Without groundbreaking Cher, there would be no Madonna. Or Lady GaGa. As far as female artists go, there is virtually no one as individual, acclaimed or unabashedly unstoppable as Cher. Her wit, charisma, acting ability, voice and fashion sense can be outdone by no one. Her agelessness and appeal have crossed age-barriers known to but a few. Once again with Cher’s latest CD “Closer to the Truth” she breaks records for most #1′s by a solo performer.”Woman’s World” her new hit dance single hits Billboard’s #1. Cher is still totally relevant. I am not so sure about her would-be imitators. Keep going, Cher. You never cease to make us smile.

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