Cher Parties at Rasputin Nightclub

Cher Closer To The Truth Album Cover

cherhollywood Cher Parties at Rasputin Nightclub

Cher came face to face with the closest thing to herself, Cher impersonator, Chad Michaels at Rasputin Nightclub in West Hollywood, California.  The 67 year old diva looked not a year over 40 as she boogied up a storm surrounded by loving fans.  To celebrate her NUMBER ONE dance hit “Woman’s World” Cher watched on as Chad Michaels, the #1 Cher impersonator put on a show.  Cher thanked her fans for her new songs success and looked overjoyed as she watched Chad perform a number of her mega hits.

Looking  more radiant and beautiful than ever this eternal babe wore a dazzling black and gold striped jacket with matching vest.  She was in great spirits and as the photos show the nightclub was very HOT.
cherhollywood3 Cher Parties at Rasputin Nightclub

Cher wrote about her night out in Hollywood on twitter.  ‘Just left Club ! It was GREAT ! Chad was Genius ! Almost cried, he said such nice things ! We were all sweating TOGETHER ! My Boys ,& Me

‘Ps STILL LOVE SONG 4 THE LONELY Its as good as I Get,…..words mean everything to me ! We’ve ALL BEEN THERE !’

Cher is now busy finalizing her Closer to the Truth CD having just finished the promotional photo shoot.

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11 Responses to Cher Parties at Rasputin Nightclub

  1. Michael Holubach

    Love it and we love you cher

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    • NYChris

      AMZINGLY BEAUTIFIUL,, Gotta love her bodyguard/botherinlaw,, he is so focused on his job,,PROTECTING THE ONE AND ONLY

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  2. Flávio Rosa


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  3. Stefan agresti

    Amazing CHER u are beautiful
    Love this kind of Cher in the move in night clubs in gym club dancing jumping
    I love it coz i dont want y getting old y have Time for That Baby
    I was sûre ur dance album was the good choice dont stop the run u are growing and growing Please project a New dance album for summer 2014 y CAN do it coz u
    Are CHER i love u

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  4. As always stunning to look at.

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  5. Stefan agresti

    Yes tonic jujubee but now is toniest as never !! Lol

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  6. I was there that night! It was Last Saturday night and it was so packed. I brought my video camera and got better resolution than my iphone’s pictures. So many people came early to get into line.

    The body heat of all the people there was making her sweat so much. the room didnt have much ventalation. She ended up giving the fan away to someone in the crowd. Too bad this video didnt show the Sea of people taking pictures, everyone had their phone out.

    It was good to see her sing along to Song for the lonely, After this she tweeted about how much its one of her favorite songs, and still is!

    was such a packed night, but was great to be up close to her.

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  7. Kurt

    Awesome she made the effort to do this. Looks like she had a great time!

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  8. Stefan agresti

    She is amazing !!!! This is CHER
    She is absolutly out of Time
    And she must be to stay young
    She must Know one thing the most important is to go ahead human is created to live till 120 years old
    At 60 at 70 we are still young and we have to Enjoy Life Without any différence
    Than 30 years old performances CAN be thé same With a good training and good nutrition
    Go CHER u are beautiful

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  9. Janna

    OMG – lucky fans! I would give ANYTHING to get a picture with her!!!!

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