Cher swears D2K tour is her “final farewell”


Cher D2K Tour

The beat goes on. But not for long.

Cher is making it as clear as her body-hugging strands of rhinestones that she’s pulling off the road forever after her current Dressed 2 Kill tour wraps up this fall.

“This is my final farewell tour,” the mega-fabulous diva told the crowd during a lavish concert Monday night at Staples Center in Los Angeles. “This is my farewell farewell tour. You can verify it with the AARP. I’m never going to come back, I swear to God.”

She reminded the audience that her last farewell tour had been 11 years earlier, “and I was really old then. John Quincy Adams was president.”

Cher, 68, drew laughs and applause with jokes about her age.

“What’s your granny doing tonight?” she cracked while strutting in a sexy Vegas showgirl get-up.

She sipped Dr Pepper occasionally, then blasted the soda maker for giving her a small cooler bag backstage in Dallas. Displaying the container for the Staples throng, she said, “They think that’s an appropriate gift to give an icon?”

The D2K show is packed with hits spanning her career, from a virtual duet of I Got You, Babe with late hubby Sonny Bono to choice cuts like Take It Like a Man and I Hope You Find It from recent album Closer to the Truth. Spectacular costumes, opulent sets, dancers and acrobats, special effects and video clips add to an over-the-top production that draws from Cirque du Soleil, ancient Rome, burlesque, Las Vegas, Ringling Brothers and outer space. And she hits every note with blazing passion.

Cher doesn’t just dress to kill. She kills.

Source – USA TODAY


You can still BUY TICKETS to see Cher’s Dressed To Kill Tour here.

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7 Responses to Cher swears D2K tour is her “final farewell”

  1. thomax

    Probably should include that while she was saying this is her farewell farewell tour she was making obvious winks and turned around to have fingers crossed. It was an amazing show

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  2. Cherlover

    I doubt it cher I’ll be back in 1 from or another. Can’t see her ever leaving showbiz, especially when she looks so good.

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  3. Michael

    Can you imagine CHER having her own talk show? It would rule!

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  4. Jason Dhom

    That would be the most amazing thing ever

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  5. Jason Dhom

    can almost bet she will do another album and the occasional movie…I could see her doing something tlreally special before hanging it up for good…I do believe this will be her last tour though. It’s sad but I love her in whatever realm she’s entertaining us in…she does it best

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  6. Mike

    She will keep going with various projects, love to see her direct, play Broadway again, or write a book. No matter what she chooses I will be in line for it. How bout releasing Stars, I’d Rather Believe In You, Allman and Woman, and Cherished on CD???

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  7. My friend and I just attended Cher’s show in San Diego on July 11th, we are 68 and 69 years old. Love that she can still be so beautiful at this stage of her life, makes us feel better about our ages too!

    This tour surpasses the one I saw in Vegas 11 years ago and Cher is just so outstanding an entertainer. I will always remember her voice and the final farewell in her basket above the crowd, it brought tears to me and my friends eyes.

    Keep up your fabulous self and know that you have made so many happy and excited with your talents.

    Love from a devoted fan. Bless you and your family too.


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