Cher’s New Album Release March 2013

Cher Closer To The Truth Album Cover

Cher New Album 2013

Warner Bros has announced that Cher’s new album will be released late March 2013 September 25th 2013 calledCloser To The Truth.  Fans would have expected an announcement by the diva herself but in typical fashion confirmation was made quietly by Livia Tortella, Warner Bros. Records Co-President/COO, on the red carpet at Billboard’s 2012 Women in Music event with no confirmation on Cher’s official website.  Cher’s album will be among other new album’s from Josh Groban,Michael Buble, Goo Goo Dolls and Avenged Sevenfold.

With the promotion of Woman’s World now coming to a holt, fans are left waiting and confused with no word on when the lead single will be released for airplay on radio and purchase on iTunes.  There are now question marks over whether Woman’s World will become the first single after mixed reviews, the single has received only 395,000 YouTube views since it was first unveiled, with momentum fading.  Cher has described the album on twitter as “Eclectic! Lots of dance, but none [are] SAME KIND OF DANCE ! Have Big ass Choruses,Some HEART RIPPERS!” and mentioned it has the ability to be BIGGER than Believe.  Hopefully with STRONG promotions and CLEAR communication this can happen because to date the promotional activity and hype has been rather limited.

In other twitter news CHER has unleashed another political motivated rant against the War in Afghanistan “SOME IN THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION & POLITICAL CRIMINALS IN AFGHANISTAN WILL HAVE MADE BILLIONS ON THE BODIES OF THESE SOLDIERS !”.  “RANT,BUT I DONT CARE ! BRAVE AMERICANS R DYYING IN A COUNTRY WHOSE SOLDIERS KILL THEM ! ITS MORE THEN WE SHOULD TOLERATE !” It should be agreed that US and Coalition troops have made this world a safer place and should be congratulated for their efforts and bravery in what is a most complex and difficult situation.

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  1. jujubeesgetstuckinmyteeth

    @Stefan, you are ugly on the inside and out. No one cares what you say. What you say is a mess and you dont know what you are talking about you old tired wore out queen.

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  2. Stefan agresti

    Suckingjujub go to suck !!

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  3. maria

    womans world was too cookie cutter in your face listen to me song..overkill..chers dark moody bombastic voice needs lush pualsating electronica and deeper introspective lyrics ..she should have worked with people like wolfram or heclued and love affair..or loverush uk..kinky roland

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  4. Billy Vick

    Cher had a #1 DANCE SINGLE from BURLESQUE on the US BILLBOARD charts, so she actually already has had #1 singles in 5 decades, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, and this album if it spawns a #1 single would be her first in the 2010’s OR 6 DECADES in a row. How can people poo poo at her? And why the heck isn’t she in the ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME? She is #1 in virtually everything there is in BILLBOARD history. And you know she’d NEVER admit it, BUT IT HURTS her that she nor Sonny are in the Hall of Fame.

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  5. L.

    Will her cd release in Greece???

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  6. Rainer

    I enjoy many of Chers Songs and in fact i like her and think she is a real hottie too. 😉
    But! I do think her new song > A Womens World chorus is a touch on the Womens Lib side

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  7. Bruce Hoyt

    huge Cher fan disappointed with Woman’s World

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