No foul play in Patty Darcy-Jones death


HOPATCONG Borough police have concluded there was nothing suspicious about how Cher’s longtime backup singer died in her Oakwood Road home three months ago.

Patty Darcy-Jones, 54, who was a lively part of the pop icon’s performances for 18 years, had lived in Hopatcong since 1992.

Her husband, Courtney Jones, said he found her unconscious on the floor when he came in from another room on June 16. He called police, who protected the home for two days.

“We investigated it as a worst-case scenario,” Hopatcong Police Lt. Michael Siciliano said. “After it was all said and done, there was nothing criminal about her death.”

It took weeks to await the result of toxicology tests, and authorities declined to comment further on the exact cause of death.

Police and the Sussex County Medical Examiner’s Office referred further questions to county Prosecutor David Weaver, who said the investigation was still open at his office, but should be finalized soon.

Courtney Jones said he still did not know the exact cause of his wife’s death and was “chagrined” and “disappointed” by the length of the medical examination.

Jones, an audio technician, met Patty on one of Cher’s tours in 1989. He used to engage Patty in casual conversation as the sound crew set up, which “snowballed itself into more of a relationship,” he said.

In the past few months, Jones said he has been touched by the outpouring of love and support from Cher fans.

“I’ve just been amazed,” he said of his wife’s popularity. “In the rock n’ roll business, you never know exactly how many people know you.”

Both Cher and Bette Midler reached out to Jones in the week after his wife’s death, he said.

“They both loved Patty and just loved working with her,” he said. “She made it fun, but also threw in a lot of great ideas about how songs and harmonies could be done.”

Cher has not commented publicly on Darcy-Jones’ death. But Jones’ noted that is not uncommon, since Cher seems to balance her private and public lives.

Darcy-Jones’ brother, Eugene Darcy Jr., of Landing, said the outpouring of support “just doesn’t end.”

“I’m just still running into people who knew her,” he said.

The family, he said, had a local ceremony and a dedication at the Mason Street Pub, where Patty used to sing.

“I still can’t believe it. I miss her so much,” he said. “Everything I do, something pops up in my head about her.”

Darcy-Jones’ death hit Cher’s fan base hard, prompting lengthy Web discussions and artwork dedicated to her memory.

“It’s almost like a family member (had died), to tell the truth,” Clayton Chenevert, 44, of Livonia, La., said by phone on Monday. “It’s amazing how people feel very close to her.”

Bennietta Cox, of Hilton Head, S.C., created a memorial Web site ( with photos, poems and red-and-pink graphics of hearts, roses and angels.

Asked why she went to such lengths, Cox said: “I miss her.”

Fans have wondered aloud why Cher has not commented on Darcy-Jones’ death, but suspect she will include a nod to her colleague and friend on an upcoming release.

“We’re kind of hoping she dedicates that album to Patty,” Chenevert said.

A message to Cher’s spokeswoman, Liz Rosenberg, was not returned Monday.

Chenevert said fans appreciated the lively performances put in by Darcy-Jones, who seemed “very much in love” with her husband and way of life in New Jersey.

“Her being so young, and seeing the energy this lady had, it really touches home,” Chenevert said.

Darcy-Jones graduated from West Orange Mountain High School in 1970 and lived in New York City and Los Angeles prior to Hopatcong, according to her obituary.

In addition to her work with Cher, Darcy-Jones performed on Broadway in “Smokey Joe’s Cafe” for five years and performed backup vocals for Darlene Love and Bette Midler.

Cox and other fans noted rumors that Cher will announce performances in Las Vegas during the coming months.

“It’s just going to be really strange without Patty there,” Cox said.

From New Jersey Herald

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11 Responses to No foul play in Patty Darcy-Jones death

  1. T.j

    Wow i feel so sorry for her family…RIP patty!! and yes it will be very very strange preforming without her!! ….
    Love you cher! xoxo

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  2. bless you all like you all i loved patti and we will all miss her feel sorry for family and friends of patti’s rip love you cher you are amazing love always danni your idole for life

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  3. Jan Wilson

    Hi Cher and fans, what a wonderful write-up for Patty. She was a much loved wife, backing singer and friend. Watching the Farewell Tour DVD recently with friends, it was over-shadowed with sadness to think that the vibrant, spontaneous, happy and very talented lady singing her heart out to support Cher, is no longer with us. It is undoubtedly going to hit Cher hard if and when she performs again not to have her by her side. As to reports that Cher has not made a public announcement about this, I am sure that Cher is grieving in her own way in the privacy of her own home. Words and announcements are not necessary at a time like this to remember and think about people. I do sincerely hope Cher, that you are finding peace and remembering the happy moments and good times you shared with Patty. We are all looking forward to seeing and hearing you again – hopefully in the near future. Best wishes. Jan – UK

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  4. sara

    I can’t believe that I…I thought for sure that it was hmmm …well R.I.P Patty and I hope the Family will be strong Cher too so CHEER CHEER CHEER UP^_^

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  5. Ginger

    What a wonderful tribute to a marvelious singer. I hope that Cher and Pattys families will find peace in the near future. It is dishearting to wacth the videos of Chers tours and see Patty singing and then to think that she is no longer here to make us happy by her performances. It is so not like Cher to publicly greave. Cher I hope that you can think also of the good times that you had with Patty and tuck them away in your heart. The best to you Cher and to Pattys family.

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  6. Marco J.

    It’s still so sad. 🙁
    Patty was so nice and so talented and too young, I guess she was also a person with who Cher had lots of fun, a very close friend. I think Cher didn’t give any statement concerning Patty’s death coz she’s gonna dedicate her new album to Patty, as they said it.
    After All I’m just wondering why Patty died? I mean, did she have any problems? Wasn’t she healthy, she always looked amazing.
    Anyway, I will visit the new page that is dedicated to her. I think I’ll leave a comment in the guestbook.

    Hope u guys are all well! 🙂

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  7. Ben C

    Such a shame what a great lady she was! it will be very strange withought her there

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  8. Jan Wilson

    Hi Cher and fans, just been on the Patty web-site. The song playing in the background which Cher is singing is just so the ‘right one’. I too have lit a candle, what a beautiful tribute to a truly beautiful lady. We will all miss you Patty. R.I.P. and condolences to the family and friends of such a talented lady. Jan, Joanne and Claire

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  9. Jessie Janet Richards

    Heard a few songs recently that reminded me of Patti. I’m an old Beehive castmate and Patti guided me through a few tough times as well as shared the good times. i hope I have done the same for others I’ve worked with. She is missed. Her memory is cherished.

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  10. I have watched the video of one of Cher’s perfomances many times and I keep seeing this woman who just grabs my attention, and when Cher is on stage that’s not easy to do. But it’s Patti and I was so bowled over when I heard she had died. I wanted to send her some fan mail and then she’s not here anymore. Talk about talent; Patti had so much of that and seemed so at home on the stage. I can understand why so many people are going to miss her. Perhaps someday I’ll get to meet her in a better place. Peace and Love, Patti.

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  11. Its been 9 years already. I miss her so much. I was her neighbor across the street. We had so much fun together. She turned into my BFF quickly after she moved in across the street in 1992. We went through a lot together. She was my Goldie Hawn…..She taught me so much, and I taught her about housewife stuff. We used to laugh all the time and party on our dead end street. She was an amazing friend. She has visited me in my dreams! 🙂 XOXOX Missing her today and everyday. RIP my beautiful friend…..we love you….

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