Pink “It’s such an honor” writing for CHER


Cher is busy recording the final tracks to her 2012 album (title stillunknown) andwhile we revealed earlier that Pink has written two songs to appear on it, Pink has now confirmed one of the titles ‘I Walk Alone’. ”It’s such an honor,” Pink told Australia’sHerald Sun. “I finally feel like a songwriter. And I’m such a fan.”. Cher’s 26th studio album will be released in December 2012 containing 2 duets, one with Ladgy Gaga (The Greatest Thing) and another with Christina Aguilera. Cher is not giving away too much but we expect more hints from her via twitter in the coming months.

The style of Pink’s new songs were answered by Cher on twitterwith one user asking, Are the songs that Pink wrote rock or dance? with Cher replying in excitement, The first song is both! It’s great! It kicks much ass! The second is a ballad! I’m lucky biatch! Gaga and Pink!

With superstars like Pink, Timbaland, Xtina, Lady Gaga and RedOne working with CHER this album is certain to be a massive worldwide HIT!

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  1. patrice

    Bravo je suis contant que ces chanteuses travaillent sur cet album.
    Ce sera un magnifique album

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