Cher announces Australian Here We Go Again Tour


Cher is returning to Australia for her first national tour in more than a decade named Here We Go Again.  The tour will be announced along with her Andrew Denton “Interview” to air on channel 7 Australia tonight.

Cher hasn’t toured Australia since 2005. Her whirlwind 2018 tour will feature a 90-minute rendition of some of her greatest hits, including Believe, If I Could Turn Back Time, Strong Enough and her breakout single I Got You Babe.

The singer, who will turn 72 this month, will start the story in Newcastle on Wednesday, September 26, followed by shows in Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Her final show will be held at Sydney’s Qudos Bank Arena on Thursday, October 18.

September 26
Entertainment Centre 

September 28
Entertainment Centre

October 3
Rod Laver Arena

October 9
Entertainment Centre

October 12
Perth Arena

October 18
Qudos Bank Arena

Tickets go on sale on Friday, May 18 from 10am.

It is believed Cher will extend her Here We Go Again tour through Europe and USA.

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Cher announces Australian Here We Go Again Tour, 10.0 out of 10 based on 8 ratings

11 Responses to Cher announces Australian Here We Go Again Tour

  1. Rony

    well, I guess it´s gonna be the Classic Cher show, only different name. The same songs, the same outfits etc. It looks that Cher motto is NO NEW IDEAS!

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    • Ant

      What a surprise, you are judging before you know anything about it! How unusual for you to be negative!
      How about being positive that not only can she still tour, that she still wants to!

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  2. Rony

    sorry, 1 thing is new – the opening outfit, which looks so hot, I like it a lot.

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    • Vlad

      Get your ass out of here! She is 71 and no one cares if Cher does new things! She is stillon stage and she rocks!

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  3. Frank

    I’m sure the show will be somewhat different with the two Abba songs coming out.. Will there be a soundtrack?

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  4. Cher is awesome her age doesn’t stop her from doing what she does best never loose her momentum or singing voice we all grow old how we choose to is up to us. She exercises regularly eats balanced diet takes care of herself does vocal exercises dance routines sings her own songs how I know is by reading watching every article documentary bio and special she is featured especially when she gives interviews. So when any of you haters doubters question her abilities listen to her when she says she is a freaking diva works hard gives it her best none of you bitches can do what she does. So what if she does little nip and tuck here and there her money she can do whatever the hell she wants to her looks may have changed over the years so does everyone else’s. She is still Cher bitch will never change whether you like or not. I freaking love her and her music and movies her rebal attitude

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  5. Nick

    I wanna see the setlist!!!

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  6. Nweet

    Guys be forgiving this woman is 72 years old, and she’s still on stage it’s amazing. If you see her on stage enjoy well because it is surely the last time she will go on tour

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  7. Carol Marley

    Please come to uk cher xxxx

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  8. renegsx

    really hope Cher comes to the UK. an absolute icon and still has that incredible voice. what an amazing woman!

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