Cher reveals 2014 Tour Plans


Cher 2014 Tour

Cher revealed on twitter that it is now OFFICIAL, in 2014 she will embark on a new tour, due to kick off in March.  Long time designer and pal Bob Mackie will work with Cher designing new outfits for the tour, creating unique never before seen costumes.

“Just heard BoB will Make costumes for “The Tour” Makes me so Unbelievably “Happy” ! Last Time Around, wouldn’t be ME…. without HIM”.

With the usual grueling tour schedule Cher also plans to do a satellite tour meaning she will stay in one hotel and fly out to all the gigs rather than travel by tour bus on the road.

A set list is in the works with Cher revealing deciding on the set list is “Pull my hair out time.  It’s hard to do new songs when you have to do all your old hits ! Its a delicate Balance”.

WHAT SONGS DO YOU WANT TO SEE CHER ADD TO HER NEW 2014 TOUR SETLIST? Tell us in your comments below..

Cher 2014 Tour Tickets will be on sale towards the end of this year.

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104 Responses to Cher reveals 2014 Tour Plans

  1. Luis Trejo

    It will be amazing to hear a mix of my way of frank sinatra and you haven’t seen the last of me, as well of strong enough with last dance of Donna summer.
    Believe staring acappella and then doing an amazing mix .

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  2. Johnnydarin

    If you have full copyright priveliges, I would LOVE to see Cher YOU, perform “Never Shouldve’ Started” That song kicks ass..Have A Great Tour Love!!BE Seeing You..

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  3. ken

    hope she does at least one hit from 60,70,80,90,2000.then do new album. HALF BREAD is a must.

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  4. Alessandra

    And how about to come to Brazil and give us this happiness??!! There are thousands of fans here crazy for You…Diva!! Suggested songs: Jessie James, Strong Enough. Awaiting for You anxious… Wherever You go, I’ll be there!!! Love u!!!

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  5. Yulia

    Disaster Cake; Whenever You’re Near

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  6. Stefan agresti

    Hey !!!! CHER was in tour during years!!!
    And during 10 Years she has song same songs all songs y are asking for her NEW TOUR dont y think its enought ?????? Even for her to sing same songs during 10 years ????? Believe tour , farwell tour , Vegas and even in russia her last concert
    !!!!!! ITS ENOUGHT for HER and for US …..
    And u Ask same list same songs for her NEW TOUR .. Do y Know its a NEW TOUR not an OLD NEW TOUR !!!!!!!

    CHER needs a New oxygèn New songs New costums New chorégraphie for also a
    New génération of fans like me
    I have bought my first cd of CHER in Thaïland Believe after
    I have discover her in germany she was in Leipzig for a show and immédiatly i was a true fan
    I have loved second album music not good Without Y but infortunatly bad promotion
    And i have waiting till now for a New album
    A NEW ALBUM and u people u are asking old songs of Sony and cher ???? OMG its a so bad dream !!!!
    She is doing a New album after 10 years and u are asking songs of Sony and Cher
    OMG u killing me and certainly CHER also

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  7. Janna

    In no particular order, These songs should be a MUST:
    – All or Nothing
    – After All
    – Heart of Stone
    – Love & Understanding
    – I Found Someone
    – Song For The Lonely
    – Half Breed
    – Walking in Memphis
    – We All Sleep Alone
    – Dov’e L’Amore
    – You Havent Seen The Last of Me
    – Womans World
    – One By One
    – Just Like Jesse James (sorry, Cher, I know u don’t particularly like singing this one LIVE cause it’s so “wordy,” but the way you sound when you sing the words “just like jesse james” in the chorus is so damn sexy)!!!

    ** Plase bring the tour to New York City!! (Madison Square Garden (in Manhattan), Barclays Center (in Brooklyn) or Nassau Coliseum (in Long Island)!!! 🙂

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  8. De Villiers

    Okay well if you don’t want old then what about this list:
    1)Intro- Still haven’t found what I’m looking for.
    2)Song for the Lonley.
    3)Womans World
    5)Alive Again
    6)Different Kind of love song
    7)We all Sleep alone(new version)
    8)Video Clips(Movies)
    9)Bang Bang (new version)
    10)All I really want to do, Half-Breed,Gypsies tramps & thieves and Dark Lady.
    11)Song from new album with P!nk
    12)Take it like a man (new album)
    13)Take me home(techno version)
    14)Walking in Memphis
    15)Just like Jesse James
    16)Song from new album
    18)You haven’t seen the last of me
    19)Strong Enough
    20)If I could turn back time
    22)Encoure Woman’s World
    Cher and team can figure timing out but I think this show will be great like really great what do you guys think is it modern Cher enough for you. Plz give feedback would like to know wht your comments are…*

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  9. Henna

    Songs from It’s a mans world!!!
    I love them! It’s the best album and full of so amazing and beautiful songs!

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  10. Marko Tapia

    Definitivamente “Love is a lonely place” <3 Eres genial! ^^

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  11. Stefan agresti

    All set lists are similar to Believe farwel and Vegas tour
    ITS NEW TOUR !!!!!!!!!!
    Obviously no real CHER Fans
    Coz nobody Know she done That fucking list during 10 years !!!!
    SHE needs New Way New songs New direction for New génération of fans
    And for That she has done a New album!!!
    Yes its necessary Too conserve Believe period coz its a fantastic period
    But if she use songs like Strong enought my favorite song or Believe or Music no good Without U it must be With New rythm and actual
    Bang bang … And others gréât songs of this period must be delated Too old
    She CAN sing burlesque mor oriental and techno With costums of thé film it CAN be really gréât for thé show With a good chorégraphie for CHER
    This song is done for thé show
    And for intro nothing is best than You havent seen thé last of me With last projections of cher in gay parad of New york .. Other last live of WW burlesque also… Its very émotional and true

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  12. holyver

    A LOT af songs from Living proof and closer to the truth would be nice for me.

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  13. NYChris

    According to source Cher’s ‘Woman’s World’ Music Video To Premiere On 20 August!

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  14. Sven

    Skip some of the old, worn-out hits like Bang-Bang, Just like Jesse James, Shoop-Shoop-Song, Strong Enough, Love hurts. We’ve heard them a zillion times and we’re tired of them. She should do at least 3 songs from her Not.Commercial-album (her best album ever, if you ask me) like With or Without you, Sisters of Mercy, The Fall. You haven’t seen the last of me and Welcome to Burlesque would be a must. FRESH songs from the new album would be great and not just one or two. Skip “I Still haven’t found what I’m looking for”. I HATE U2! Do Stars instead of Love Hurts. A slow ballad like “Send in the Clowns” like she used to do in her 70s TV-show would be nice. Maybe do a cover or two of Bruce Springsteen’s songs. Love and Understanding is such a horribly commercial song but it’s so much fun to listen to. She could rearrange it a bit. We have heard it live so rarely. Maybe a new version of Chastity Sun dedicated to Chaz! It is one of my favourite. Quite honestly I’m so annoyed by Turn back time and Believe by now but there’s no way of getting them eliminated I guess. Overall, she should do less of the commercial, mainstream songs and do more off-beat, unusual and surprising songs, instead.

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  15. Sven

    And also avoid “Walking in Memphis”. It’s so tedious. She should do something like “Superstar” from her old 70s show, instead.

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  16. Stefan agresti

    She CAN use Believe New mix
    Strong enought coz its a really good and magic song i love i have listening in thé site few month ago a New remix of Strong this remix was exceptionnal it Will be very good for the tour
    I love also one old but amazing song done for CHER and thé show
    It must be difficult to do better than she done for Believe thé costum was absolutly sexy thé remix of Take me home really good
    But its impossible to use same costum and same rythm if she décided to sing this song she must change all
    And it feet so perfectly to CHER
    I was happy of thé chorégraphie of this song CHER was dancing and it was Nice to see her i love when she dance 😉
    May be for thé New version she CAN dance more yep !!!
    Its necessary to mix this song disco techno Ask to David guetta
    For New costum CHER is so sexy its Easy to found something gréât
    Dont Forget she has beautiful legs its necessary to see her legs

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  17. Chris Calvert

    I would luv to see Dark Lady, We All Sleep Alone, I Found Someone, Its A Man’s World Medley with A Womans World, You Havent Seen The Last Of Me with alot of new material too

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  18. Brad

    Two words, “taxi taxi” , the best!

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  19. Anthony

    I’ve got a bad feeling it’s going to be the same old set list, with Woman’s world, Last of me, and another new single thrown in. It will still only be about 60 mins of Cher time on stage.
    She needs to dump a few songs and add in ones we want to hear.

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  20. Matty

    Yes Love is a lonely place is fantastic! Deserves more attention 🙂

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  21. jujubeegetstuckinmyteeth

    Love is a lonely place is one of my favs. I also like Walk with me and back on the street again from I Paralyze. Oh and what the fu*k is a Rudy toot?

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  22. Dmitry

    Dark Lady iz a must. Runaway could be also a highlight

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  23. Jared Del Rey


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  24. Antonio

    Believe;All or nothing;Alive Again;Turn back time;Strong enough PLEASEEE!!!
    By Italy 🙂

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  25. danni

    I hope cher tours in England it would cool to here I got u babe n the way of love xxxx love u cher

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  26. Jackson

    The demographic span of Cher fans is multi-decade dimensional. So, her devotee’s repertoire will surely define their 60s to 00s roots.

    Myself, a 40+ year fan, wish Cher would pay homage to her 1975-85 fans who were ardent in their loyal admiration when it was uncool to be a Cher fan.

    Yes Cher needs to do the hits/staples and new stuff which is the point of a promotional tour. But it would be nice if she sang a song or two for those who ‘believed’ before the rest of the world did.

    So Cher, please include a song or two from Bitter Sweet White Love,Stars (we know you didn’t much care for the CD but true fans did-as evident in Internet chatter), I’d Bather Believe In You or the Casablanca CD’s. If your feeling generous throw a ditty from Allman and Woman (‘Island’) or Black Rose (‘Take It From the Boys’) which could perhaps segue into your future club single ‘Take It Like A Man’ for good measure.

    There isn’t a gay man over 40 who wouldn’t be beside himself if you threw ‘Just This One Time,’ (by far the most buzzed about emotionally connective song you’ve ever recorded among fervent devotees),’Bell Bottom Blues,’ ‘Silver Wings and Golden Rings,’ ‘Spring,’ ‘Wasn’t It Good,’ ‘Hell On Wheels’ or ‘Bad Love.’ Do ‘Just’ and any other one or two and dedicate it to the bread and butter fans. Do a different select each night and make us attend attend three dates instead of one and we would.

    Perhaps you could do a standard from your variety show set like we worshipped, i.e. ‘All In Love Is Fair,’ ‘He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother,’ ‘You Make Me Feel Brand New’ or ‘Help Me Make It through the Night,’ etc.

    Come on Cher, give us a moment to talk about in our golden years. Tell newer fans you’re doing an ode to the Geritol set and then show them what they missed. Do a 70s retrospective and intro draped, the way you did on the Cher Show, and then pull it off and blow us away with a new Mackie creation. Maybe even vamp and tramp on stage atop a piano.

    A guy can dream. But I beg with all … Please. Just have Dorie call me (954) 203-5213 and I’ll give her a devoted fans perspective and concepts gratis. Just hearing you sing Just This One Time would would prompt me and 70% of attendees to create a ‘tears of queers’ flood.

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  27. Myself, she can sing anything she wants. want to see her so bad.go would be my dream come true

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  28. CentPAFan

    I hope changes up the opening. Darken the arena, run the career video’s and iconic pictures on the video screens but open with “If I could turn back time”. Imagine the crowd excitement building with that signature guitar rift and then Cher emerging into the spotlight from somewhere on the darkened stage singing the first lines of the song. I know the U2 song has been her traditional opener for a number of tours saving If I could turn back time until near the end of the show, but there are other great songs she could have in the closing set. Also a must for the set list is Heart of Stone.

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  29. Barb

    To me and many more like me….What Ever Cher does it is MAGNIFICIENT….She is the Queen of Diva and We agree with her…Eat You Heart Out Bitches…No One else in the Industry can Touch her ….It doesnt matter to me WHAT she sings…I will be there and love EVERY second of it….A True Entertainer and I love her..A Lady beyond comparison…there is none that can touch her…..The only one that would have given her a challange is dead…Janis..we mourn for you…….Love you Cher…always in our hearts….a loyal and loving fan..Eat’em up Lady…….

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  30. Ross

    Focus more on the new material with a few old ones but not the same as the Believe and Farewell Tours.

    Alive Again
    Different Kind of Love Song
    Love and Understanding
    Save Up All Your Tears
    Train of Thought
    Well All Sleep Alone (always gets cut, leave it in!)

    obviously some songs are standard but get rid of the half breed, Gypsies, dark lady, all i really want to do and Sunny and Cher, been there done that so many times move on to something new and different, and change up the order the last 3 songs are always the same, sing Turn Back Time in the middle of the show for a change and don’t use Believe as the encore

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  31. Kai

    Believe, half-breed, dark lady, strong enough, gypsies…, song for the lonely, shoop shoop song, just like Jesse James, and some of her new stuff as well. This is the last time we’ll ever see Cher live so we need her older classics just as much as her newer material.

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  32. Roy

    Cher should focus only on her individual body of work. Definitely would be cool for her to include a couple songs from “Not Commercial” Also if she had different guests show up along the tour.

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  33. DanMD

    CHER:Closer To The Truth 2014 TOUR
    INTRO:Compilation of Videos “Woman’s World/Cher’s World”


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  34. carol carnahan

    Gypsys Tramps and Theives
    Dark Lady

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  35. Vickie

    We saw you twice at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee. I was a screaming “teenager” in her 50’s. Luckily, the speakers in the nosebleed section stopped working and they moved our section to the direct right of center stage. I got to see Cher very close!!!!!!!!!! So glad about this new tour! You go, Cher!!!

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  36. Leonard Martinez

    I;m very excited to hear her on tour again..would like to see/hear her perform ” Love and Understanding” and “Love is a lonely place without you” without you

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  37. Jill

    Play list
    White cliffs of Dover

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  38. Big Cher Fan

    I saw Cher in 2004. I was heartbroken when she replaced Jesse James with walking in memphis. In my opinion,,Jesse James is her best song ever. Performed live, the energy of the song is incredible. Please cher, bring it back. People love that song.

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  39. JayCee

    I Honestly Would Love To See This Setlist Come True For The Dressed To Kill Tour Tell Me What You Guys Think.

    Intro Video
    1)I Still Havent Found What Im Looking For (Techno Remix)
    2)Alive Again
    3)When The Money’s Gone
    4)Song For The Lonely
    5)Dressed To Kill/Different Kind Of Love Song
    6)The Power
    7)All Or Nothing
    8)I Found Someone
    9)We All Sleep Alone
    10)Lovers Forever
    11)Welcome To Burlesque
    12)Dov’e L A’more
    13)Gypsies,Tramps,& Thieves/Dark Lady
    14)Bang Bang/Save Up All Your Tears
    17)The Way Of Love/Love Hurts
    18)I Hope You Find It
    19)After All
    Quick Change
    20)Just Like Jesse James
    21)Walking In Memphis
    22)I Walk Alone
    23)Lie To Me
    24)Shoop Shoop Song
    25)Love Is The Groove/Taxi Taxi/One By One/Love One Another
    26)Take It Like A Man
    27)I Dont Have To Sleep To Dream
    28)Strong Enough
    31)Woman’s World
    32)You Havent Seen The Last Of Me

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  40. Julie

    I agree with Kai. This is the last time we will see her in concert and some of us have never seen her in concert so we need some classics… Chastity Sun, Stars, etc. Been a fan since Sonny and Cher TV show and own most of those early Cher albums!

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  41. Mary

    Sonny and Cher is where it all began. She absolutely has to do some of her vintage songs. Some of you new, young fans weren’t even born when she started and it’s those old songs than made her what she is today. This vintage fan wants to hear the old as well as the new stuff!

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  42. tina

    Cher is amazing at any age. I would not mind dark lady, and maybe one other older song. However, her more current stuff is great and she should focus mainly on that.I love ya cher

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  43. Gloria Jennex

    I dont see a tour date for Halifax, Nova Scotia but if there was I would be there. I saw her the last two concerts here and she was fabulous. I play her music all the time and listen to her old as well as her new tunes. I would enjoy hearing If I could turn back time, Dark Lady, Half Breed, Jesse James Ballad.

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  44. BRUNO

    Dressed to Kill Tour – Rio de Janeiro

    1 – Dressed to Kill (new)
    2 – Red (new)
    3 – Song for the lonely
    4 – _ Cher’s Return Discourse
    5 – _ Welcome to Burlesque (audio with dancers) (new)
    6 – Strong Enough
    7 – Dov’e Lamore
    8 – If I Could Turn Back Time
    9 – After All
    10 – _ Gayatri Mantra
    11 – Medley: All or Nothing |I found Someone
    13 – Walking in Memphis
    14 – Just Like Jesse James
    15 – _ Video: Cher’s Best Moments
    16 – Believe
    17 – You Haven’t seen the last of me (new)
    18 – Woman’s World (new)

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