Living Proof


1. Song For The Lonely Mix


2. DKOLS Love Mix


3. Music's No Good Without You Mix


4. When You Walk Away

1. Song for the Lonely
2. A Different Kind of Love Song
3. Alive Again
4. The Music’s No Good Without You
5. Rain, Rain
6. Real Love
7. Love So High
8. Body to Body, Heart to Heart
9. Love Is A Lonely Place Without You
10. Love One Another
11. When You Walk Away
12. When The Money’s Gone

If the fans who grooved to Believe still clamor for more, there’s little doubt that Living Proof will quickly achieve the same chromatic status as Cher’s new hair color. The multitalented entertainer is placing a safe bet on the fortitude of her latest incarnation as disco diva to support a second album of dance club tracks. Other pop femme fatales of late are experimenting with subtleties in rhythm and nuance, but subtlety is not one of Cher’s selling points. She’s been quoted as comparing “Song for the Lonely” to U2’s sound; indeed, through Cher’s discofied ears, there are brief moments where the track riffs on U2’s euphoric “Beautiful Day” and the two songs share a hopeful sentiment. “Love So High” and “Body to Body, Heart to Heart” throw the prerequisite Latin guitar and percussion into the mix, and the buzzing back beats on her cover of “Love One Another” (last heard on Dutch singer Amber’s self-titled release) make it one of the CD’s tightest songs. Cher’s vocals–a taste we’ve had more than 35 years to acquire–are strong, and her production team enhances her limited range with studio tricks. Living Proof will appeal more to Cher’s devoted fans than electronica purists, but her missive is relished by both sects: leave your worries at the door and get out on the dance floor. –Beth Massa

The lead single in Europe and Australia was “The Music’s No Good Without You”, while the United States received “Song for the Lonely”. “The Music’s No Good Without You” received major success in the UK, becoming a top ten hit. “Song for the Lonely” peaked at number 85 on the Billboard Hot 100 and number one on the Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart (one of four songs from the album to top the U.S. dance chart). “Alive Again” and “A Different Kind of Love Song” were follow-up singles. “A Different Kind of Love Song topped the Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play and chart on the Hot 100 at #105. Despite not being released as a single “When the Money’s Gone” charted on the Hot 100 at #112.

Cher won many awards including a World Music Award for Dance/Club Play Artist of the Year and Lifelong Contribution Award shortly after the release of the album. It became her eighth consecutive album to be certified at least Gold in the United Kingdom.

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