Take Me Home / Prisoner


1. Take Me Home Remix


2. Wasn't it Good Remix

1. Take Me Home
2. Wasn’t It Good
3. Say the Word
4. Happy Was the Day We Met
5. Git Down (Guitar Groupie)
6. Love and Pain
7. Let This Be a Lesson to You
8. It’s Too Late (To Love Me Now)
9. My Song (Too Far Gone)
10. Prisoner
11. Holdin’ Out for Love
12. Shoppin’
13. Boys & Girls
14. Mirror Image
15. Hell on Wheels
16. Holy Smoke
17. Outrageous

Take Me Home was Cher’s first album of 1979, and was also her first album released by Casablanca Records. The record was produced by Bob Esty and Ron Dante, and most of the songs were written by Michele Aller and Bob Esty. This marked the beginning of Cher’s brief venture into Disco music. Much to Cher’s chagrin, she was pressured into recording an album of this genre. From the album, came a major comeback hit, “Take Me Home”.[3] Cher contributed a self-penned song about her failed marriage to Gregg Allman on the closing ballad “My Song (Too Far Gone)”. This album is dedicated to “Butterfly”.

Prisoner (initially planned to be released under the title Mirror Image) was Cher’s second album of 1979, and was released nine months after Take Me Home. This was the last album of Cher’s to date to be produced by Bob Esty, with Esty and Michelle Aller contributing several of the songs. Compared to the disco style of Take Me Home, Prisoner featured a relatively new wave sound. Prisoner also marked the first time that Cher released an album which featured songs that were written exclusively for her.

The producer wanted to take advantage of Cher’s image and the media obsession with her. The resulting memorable cover shows her as a prisoner of the press, virtually naked and draped in chains, spurring controversy among some women’s rights groups for her perceived “sex slave” image.

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