Cher Answers Fan Questions in Billboard Interview


Billboard sat down with Cher to talk about her new album, “Closer to the Truth,” and to also answer some fan questions.

The first part of the interview set in Cher’s Malibu, California, Cher talked about her new songs.   Cher says Take It Like A Man is one of her favorite tracks “very double-entendre,” adding that “it’s a beautiful song that’s crazy and raucous, and rocks out and is a great dance song.” Sample lyric: “So when the lights go dark / I wanna know you understand / that if you want my heart / you gotta take it like a man.”

For the album’s second single, “I Hope You Find It,” Cher turns in a “country-esque” version of a semi-obscure song first performed by Miley Cyrus in 2010.  “Love songs are [usually about] ‘I’m looking for love’ or ‘I’ve lost love,'” Cher says, which stands in contrast with the lyrical content of “I Hope You Find It.” “They’re usually not ‘I found love, I lost love, and now I hope you find love with someone else.’ Usually we’re not that charitable.”

Among other topics discussed: Miley Cyrus, her admiration of P!nk, Madonna, planning her upcoming Dressed to Kill concert tour and whether “Closer to the Truth” is her final album, and more.

While the Cher and Madonna have never collaborated, Cher says that’d she like to work with Madonna, saying, “Yes, because Madge has got some great ideas.”

Another fan asked “Is ‘Closer to the Truth’ your final album?”

“How would I know that? Why did I wait 11 years (between albums)? You just don’t know.”

Another fan asked, “How do you name a tour after having a Farewell Tour?”

“It never occurred to me that I would be doing it,” Cher says. “Who thinks they’re going to tour after they think they’re done?”

Cher says that determining the set list for the new tour is proving to be difficult, because she knows her audience wants to hear a lot of different songs of hers.

Source – Billboard

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3 Responses to Cher Answers Fan Questions in Billboard Interview

  1. sofondaykoch

    I got me and my boo 2 vip tickets that cost me only 980.00. I will be so close. You have to be pretty well off to be a Cher fan to pay for those ticket prices.

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  2. Elly Mentz

    A very special hello to Cher….
    I do not know if she gets this but have a question as to why her tickets are so pricy..
    even diehard fans cannot afford some of the prices that are listed for her shows. When Elvis was alive, his ticket were always at a price that everyone could afford to go…just saying!!!

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    • sofondaykoch

      I have gotten lucky in the past with brokers at the last minute.front row for 120.00 each and 40.00 for nose bleed for last tour. Yes when I look at ticket masters they are just outrageous for a few hours of fun but a lifetime of memories.

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