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Cher Interview

Cher had a chat with Australian newspaper Perth Now and talked about her new album Closer To The Truth, Dressed To Kill Tour and whether she will tour Australia.

You are one of the few celebrities who speaks their mind on Twitter … and the spelling suggests it isn’t an assistant doing it for you …

I’m non-traditional at Twitter. Maybe because of my lack of grammar and spelling and the lack of characters sometimes I’m unable to express myself. I believe what I believe so I don’t care. I just say what I want.

Do you block haters?

Sometimes I do. It depends on my mood and what acting out they’re doing. If I’m in a bad mood they can act out less.

You had to be talked into making your new album Closer to the Truth. Now it’s out are you happy with the reaction?

I’m really happy. I don’t know what I expected. I believe this is my best album and I’ve made some real clinkers. I’m happy people are giving it a chance.

Which of those clinkers would you love to erase ?

Maybe not entire albums, I’d just like to go through each album and erase the one song where it’s a case of ‘Oh my God what were you thinking?’

Do you cringe at old songs?

I don’t listen to myself. People mention a song and I think I should go back and listen but what for? I don’t like listening to myself anyway so it’d just be a double whammy for me.

There are two songs written by Pink on this album, you seem to have a lot in common …

I think We’re both the same kind of women – upfront, no bulls—, quite who we are. What you see is very much what you get.

You’re a big fan of Pink’s Dear Mr President..

She was able to capture everything that I felt in that one song. It just stayed with me forever. I go on YouTube and play it sometimes.

Would you ever cover it?

No. You don’t cover Pink songs, sorry. But with these songs she just gave them to me and said ‘These are for you’. And they are two really good songs.

You made autotune popular on Believe. And it’s reappeared on this album.

Only when it’s needed. OnTake It Like a Man I wanted the autotune on the verses. It was like Believe. We couldn’t make Believe right because the verses were so interminable and not very interesting. That’s what I felt about Take It Like a Man. It took forever to get to the chorus. I’m the only one who wanted the autotune. I like it, I think it sounds cool.

Many people use it to hide the fact they can’t sing …

Well, I can (sing). People are in love with autotune. It is interesting. It does do something extra.

Do you still go clubbing?

I hardly ever get to go to clubs because everyone’s got a camera phone. It’s hard for me. I don’t feel free anymore.

Who’s your favourite Cher impersonator?

Some people are so hysterical. I would have never thought to do the things they do online. There’s a guy (Charlie Hides) who does me, (Lady) Gaga and Madonna. It’s brilliant.

You’re the first to make fun of the fact you’re 67.

Nobody dislikes my age more than me. I can’t help it that I’ve been here this long.


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12 Responses to 19 things Cher wants to share

  1. lina

    I absolutely Loved the new cd along with many other cds ive been a huge fan for many years. Im doing all i can to go c Cher I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HER i wish she would make a concert in el paso but i’ll make my way to c her…<3 you cher

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    Rating: +3 (from 3 votes)
  2. Penny

    Can’t wait to see your new concert! I have been a fan since 1965!! Have followed you on Twitter before your “comeback” – what about specials for “lovlies” AKA “Cher Crew”?

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    • SB

      Me, too a follower since 1965! And this is my favorite album. I didn’t expect it to be. And I didn’t expect to like every song, because I never do. But each song on this album has something I like. Most all stay with me after I’ve listened to them. Of course, I do have an absolute favorite: I Hope You Find It, followed by Lie to Me.

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      Rating: +4 (from 4 votes)
  3. dusty

    i wish on her song lovers forever she should have taken a more slower tone like shirley did and made it more dramatic less dance my favorite is i hope you find it least is i walk alone it starts off with a banjo are you kidding me

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  4. dusty

    on her next album if there is one she should redo her song i paralyze like she said she would in an interview and its also stated in the booklet of the cd i hope she doesnt make us wait to long for the next one been a fan since “ringo i love you” 1964

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  5. dusty

    and the cover of the new cd should have her in black or red hair no more blonde your not britney and reason gaga didnt do the song not cause it was old but when they sang the chorus you cant hear gaga only cher thats why it didint make the cd

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  6. david childs

    Ive been a fan since i was seven,,there’s never been a Voice that can move-me like Cher’s..I just thank her being such a Class act all these years..and yes Her new album is of course..Fantastic…OH that voice!!!!

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  7. dusty

    if its true that cher may get with madonna on her next album i cant wait for that show down you know there going to try out do each other just hope that madonna doesnt pull out like gaga did i dont even call her that i use her real name

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  8. dusty

    i dislike gaga since she did that to cher. no longer a fan of that madonna wanna be copy cat bleached blond b**** shes doing what she does just to get attention and for the wrong reasons she can care less of the gay community shes in it for herself and no one else I HATE LADY GAGA!!!!!!

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  9. dusty

    just to be clear talking about lady gaga not cher love cher with everything in my heart

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  10. Phil O'Malley

    Cher’s new single, “Woman’s World” is her best dance song since “Believe.” She is still as much fun as ever…and still looks fantastic. Thankyou for years of great music, films and just for being yourself, Cher…you make us all so very happy.

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  11. I’m 57 on May 21, just a day earlier, and 10 years earlier than you CHER. I was in awe last night in Indianapolis and mezmerized by your talents I have never seen live. Thank you for bringing your FAREWELL TOUR here so I could see it up close for the first and maybe only time. Watching you relive those special moments with Sonny brought tears and your closing platform float I’ll never forget as I was able to wave to you up close. Thank you for such a special memory dear lady.

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