Behind the Costumes on Cher’s D2K Tour


Cher D2k Costume Changes

His assignment: Design 14 costumes for the pop superstar to wear for her lavish comeback tour — whose name, “Dressed to Kill,” promises killer costumes.

And his time frame: only six weeks.


“It was a big task, I must say,” costume designer Durrant, 67, said in a phone interview from London with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, ahead of the Dressed to Kill tour’s stop Friday at the BMO Harris Bradley Center.”Coming up with 14 ideas for Cher is not the easiest thing to do. She has done everything…. I don’t think I had a day off, and I was very, very tired by the time we opened.”

It was a gig that was a lifetime in the making. Bitten by the theater bug when he was a child (actor Alan Rickman was a classmate), Durrant realized he was a terrible actor, but he was good at drawing and at 13 aspired to be a costume designer.

After 25 years of professional work, largely for theater productions, he met Cher’s choreographer in 1994 while working on the West End musical “Copacabana.”

“For (Cher’s) Farewell tour (from 2002 to 2005), I was asked to do the dancers’ costumes,” Durrant said. “At one point when I was doing a fitting, I told Cher, ‘When I first started in this business, I did plays by Shakespeare, Ibsen, (George Bernard) Shaw.’ She said, ‘Were all those costumes covered in beads, too?'”

Aside from one outfit, Cher’s costumes weren’t Durrant’s work, but Mackie’s, practically her sole designer since 1972. Mackie’s flamboyant and often shimmering ensembles — most famously exemplified by the ornate black headdress and showgirl-inspired two-piece Cher wore at the 1986 Oscars — were nearly as responsible for her superstar status as the music itself. And they continue to inspire: London’s the Independent just published an article about Cher’s influence on new runway fashions, and Miley Cyrus wears vintage Mackie pieces on her current Bangerz tour.

“Bob is a great showman, and Cher is a great showman,” Durrant said. “And neither of them are afraid of going out on a limb, but both of them are superb craftsmen in their own way.”

So when Mackie dropped out of “Dressed to Kill” at the last minute (“My professional and business commitments were just too great,” he told US Weekly), Cher was so distraught, she took to Twitter to tell fans she was “crying” and that her “heart was broken.” Then the gig went to Durrant, who had already been designing the dancers’ outfits.

“My first thought was panic,” Durrant confessed. “Bob has been dressing that body for 40 years. He knows that body very well…. We were all starting from scratch, really, which is a bit frightening.”

Beyond filling Mackie’s massive shoes on a limited timetable, Durrant was expected to top him.

“I remember meeting Cher and her manager and asking, ‘Why 14 (outfits)? The Farewell tour only had 11,'” Durrant recalled. “Cher said, ‘You think I’m going to have less?'”

Between Cher and her backup dancers, the show has a whopping 150 costumes, with minimal duplicates.

“I think I probably did 500 drawings,” Durrant said. “Just for her opening outfit, I did 10 or 11 different headdresses…. I thought there weren’t enough beaders in Los Angeles to do this show. We were really up to the last minute. It was frightening.”


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At least Durrant had four assistants, “which is more than I’ve ever had on anything,” he said. “And he had plenty of direct and honest input from Cher herself.

“It’s her taste that you’re working to all the time. Everything that is on that stage has been passed by her personally,” Durrant said. “She has a very left-field way of looking at things, which is great fun. She stretches you. She doesn’t hold back. She’s always looking for how to make it more interesting and more extraordinary.”

Despite incredible challenges, Durrant felt he ended up with some extraordinary pieces. Cher’s outfit for the encore was the most difficult to make.

“I had this idea of making a very complicated cut,” Durrant said. “It’s meant to look like a long skirt that drapes in front, and frankly, what I drew fabric doesn’t want to do,” Durrant said. “We tried various fabrics, and the only fabric that worked was a double silk crepe. It’s very heavy and it looks nice when you drape it, but it’s an unusual fabric to use for a show like that…. It did cause the cutter nightmares.”

While Durrant said he’s proud of everything he did, his variation on Mackie’s American Indian-inspired outfit for “Half-Breed” stands out.

“Bob’s design had every color under the sun, but (for ‘Dressed to Kill’) the whole scene is meant to be a 1920s circus sideshow,… and Cher wanted it all to look faded,” Durrant said. “So I used washed-out pinks and washed-out greens, these very passive colors. Really, it’s a bit of a shock when you see that costume in those colors. But I think it’s rather successful.”

As are all of Durrant’s designs, many critics have said.

“The reviews have all been lovely, and they’ve all mentioned the costumes, so presumably I haven’t been a complete disaster,” he said.

Source – JS Online

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13 Responses to Behind the Costumes on Cher’s D2K Tour

  1. rony

    Cher does not seem 2B happy with those outfits. She´s already asked Bob 2 make new ones, and he agreed. So in September there R gonna B new outfits 4 Woman´s World, TILAM and TBT.

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    Rating: 0 (from 2 votes)
  2. Natoldschool

    Yep twitter is full of over excited teens and they are all Cher cares about. It has ruined my perception of her big time. Wish she would acknowledge other places on the net who admire and follow her. The way these handful of fans on twitter get special treatment is embarrassing.

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    Rating: +3 (from 3 votes)
  3. Agresti

    Costumes of D2kTdoesnt fit to CHER
    She looks inconfortable and not sexy Like she was …
    Especially costumes of. WW …. Its à dance song. !!!!!
    And she cant move lol with her big plums and her dress she cant move her legs réally inapropriate costume
    Think she must change this 1 too
    Like she done for béliève. …. She tooks las Vegas costum and so Much more sexy
    Than the first previous green and pink
    With horrible pink wig it was terrible it was the worst
    So i go to see her in new 19th sept hope all Will be change … And better
    Hope her foot Will be ok too
    Coz i love to see her dancing running on stage 😉 and she CAN do That
    With à good workout good training and sure good choregrapher
    Work ur cardio training baby
    Love u

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    Rating: +1 (from 1 vote)
  4. patrice


    Je ne peux pas aller voir son spectable mais sur youtube il y a énormément d’extraitS. Je trouve CHER fantastique, je ne vois pas une femme de 67 ans mais beaucoup plus jeune. C’est une artiste qui aime donner du bonheur à ses fans et je pense qu’elle y arrive très bien. Rien n’est parfait et pour personne.

    J’espère qu’elle continuera à nous emerveiller.


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    Rating: +2 (from 2 votes)
  5. milance

    I’m not wearing the CherCrew in my twitter name anymore. I can’t identify with unhappy frustrated people with no life that have nothing else in life to do, but wait around the corner for her to appear and than start to pour their stupidity and foolishness on her and she answers to their BS all the time. I can judge people by the physiognomy of their faces and I can tell the b*tch*s that are being favorized by her have 0 human quality. I’m devastated that she blocked the only site that worked while her management did absolutely nothing to promote her. Her official site was a black hole in outer space with no single update for ages. She chose some frustrated bullies over people that were with her forever and did so many great things she doesn’t even know how to appreciate. I can’t help loving her & supporting her, but it was a bad idea to go to twitter, she lost the veil of mystery and the fact is she can’t give the same amount of attention to all her fans, because some of us do have lives, jobs and families and can’t wait for her 24/7 to bomb her with our stupid questions. Every star does meet & greets and it’s not fair that we can’t get a fair chance to meet her. She is the one being misguided, surrounded by evil souls, not seeing how unfair she is and how much she hurt people that love and cherish her.

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    Rating: +4 (from 6 votes)
  6. Matty

    Greetings from a hot Sweden!

    This was new info for me? Did Cher stop Why?

    About the costumes: I don’t care what she wears I’m only in concert to hear her sing. But I appreciate when she’s more dressed-down and looks more natural (if thats even possible lol).

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    Rating: +3 (from 3 votes)
  7. Kai

    I grew up knowing CHER saw her and Sonny in Redondo Beach,CA. 50 yrs ago I actually helped her when see was in San Francisco once with her hair, she is down right genuine and has a great way of performing and is a dear person, if any off you actually ever get a chance like I did to meet and be with her you would not be so petty and angry at other peoples perspective of her when they have not ever meet her just ride on the band wagon and put her down because they have NO TALENT of there own other than following others and jumping on a band wagon. How sad after all she has given to us thru all these years. It was my pleasure to have been able to help her in a time of need and the great way she treated meas a person.thank you CHER even if you don’t remember me I will always remember when you actually called me and said Kai please call me I need your help. Thank you CHER for our time together and actually I never told you than but we have the same BDAY. YOU HAVE AND ALWAYS WILL BE a GREAT lady that I once had the privilege to meet and help you out in San Francisco. And I loved your new show saw it tonite in San Jose Wow was GREAT to see you again.

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