Cher attends ‘Dirty’ Premiere with Chaz


Cher Movie Premiere

Cher attended the premiere of new movie “Dirty” at Writers Guild Theater on March 1, 2015 in Beverly Hills, California.   Cher accompanied her son Chaz Bono who stars in the movie.  The movie is about two dirty cops who find themselves relieved of over two million dollars in stolen drugs and money, forcing them into a bizarre and mysterious investigation to recover it.

Cher has been recovering from a mystery illness which forced her to cancel her Dressed To Kill Tour.  The superstar is now regaining her strength promising fans to re-commence touring when she is fully recovered.

cherdirty1 cherdirty2


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Cher attends 'Dirty' Premiere with Chaz, 9.4 out of 10 based on 13 ratings

49 Responses to Cher attends ‘Dirty’ Premiere with Chaz

  1. rony

    Nice 2 C her with her son.

    According 2 what she writes on twitter, she is healthy enough 4 all possible activities.
    I know it´s gonna sound bitter, but I wish she would finally do something 4 us, her fans, 2 show us that she cares.

    New video, single … just something!

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    • Cher looks OLD…. I love you Cher but please TURN BACK TIME!!! I don’t want you to get old sweetie………………

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      • Julian

        She looks old because she is old. You can only fight the natural aging process with botox/surgery so much before it takes over and looks strange. Growing old is not a bad thing, she just needs to embrace it like other older stars that are a huge success. Basically it has demonstrated on twitter she has lost the plot and doesnt care anymore about her album or work, it is also reflected in her fashion here. I hope the best days for Cher are not far gone & she turns it around.

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    • Ant

      So her going back on tour isn’t good enough for you??

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      • rony

        Actually, it is not. I am sad because I wanted 2 C Cher on the top, but her promo was a flop and her show looks kind of old-fashioned compared 2 shows of some other lady-singers. Sorry, but that´s the way I see it. I dont make any1 agree with me.

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        • Christophe

          who r the other lady singers doing concerts Rony?? non in her age group-that is for sure,, so my hat off to CHER that at almost 70 cd promo may have been bad she is still HERE!

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  2. Tamara

    Awesome news! The movie looks good ! Awesome Mom and Son at Premiere !!

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  3. Kieth Day

    SOrry but she kind of looks like a homelass old lady that has come off the streets. NOt a fan of what she is wearing, but glad to see she healthy.

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  4. Agresti Stefan

    CHER look so Old …. Omg
    And her look is terrible ….
    She is over .. And its better if she dont Côme Back on your
    Her album is à complète flop
    And her tour is so down … Always to walk at right at left Like à desesparate Old woman …. If WE compare tina … Older … But dancing giving à réal performance à réal show
    Its better she stop
    Warner understand That since begining
    Lady gaga wonted à duet for That
    Cher is over and she never work to stay in
    Music industry
    She takes 3 years to make an shit album complètely over when it was finished
    She never work réally after béliève succès
    She only exploited this succès during 13 years without work innovation
    Éven her last performance with dancing with the star was béliève ……..
    So boring
    Stay at yr home if u dont want to work
    And please avoid this horrible pics of an Old lady in short dress
    Its degusting

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    • Christophe

      why dont u get off this page!! typical French 2 faced! u r one sad FRENCH AHOLE,i can say tis coz sadly coz of u AM PART FRENCH,, she is alomst 70,, am sure next week when some1 or any1 takes another pic of her and fotographer does good job u be saying GOD AMAZIGN CHER LOOKS 40y/o,, u r a 2 faced jerk

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  5. Anna

    Oh my god! She looks good. Can’t she go out and just be casual. It’s Chaz night, she is there as a mom to support her kid. Not as the rock star and take attention away. Bravo Cher!
    Agresti. What are you talking about she’s been rocking it for over 50 years, and if it takes a little longer to get a new record out, that is life. Look at other artist, Rolling Stones, Elton John, and even Tina , aren’t popping out new records ever year. Talk to us in 40 years if Lad gaga is still around, let’s see what she is up to.(not taking anything from her, but without Cher opening doors we would of never heard of her.)
    One more thing she still has great leg. I don’t care how old you are. Dress any way you wan’t and tell the world to f..k off

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    • Christophe

      THANK U ANNA, i bow to you,, these jerks dont see beyond anything,, she is HUMAN!! and can look as she pleases, we all have our days,, like CHER has said “I DONT HAVE TO PLEASE EVERY1 only myself”

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      • jujubeesgetstuckinmyteeth

        I thought she looked good too. Sometimes it feels like 2 different people Posting as Stefan. Keep this post the next time he bad mouths a fan for saying something about Cher

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  6. G.S

    Fact is she has a certain age. Fact is she is an entertainer… Fact is…she is also a human having a private life…Fact is…she has / had an illness… Fact is she doesn’t wear make up all the time… Why can’t we see “stars” as normal people too? Guess what..Tina turner takes a shit too..just like does Cher. How do we look like when we’re ill or older? Fact is…Her new album should be more promoted…but is it all in her hands? Appreciated the work, the carreer the artist.. but getting upset because someone looks “not like we used to see her” is a true opinion..but which added value has it got? If love is over because we get old…how real was love? Same for the appreciation of an artist.. Superficial?

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  7. M Foster

    For Christ’s sake, She’s been sick for over 6 months.

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  8. RG

    Not Chers best look but she looks great when she smiles. Her album is not a flop and Cher will cause a stir again when she restarts heR fabulous tour. 50 yrs and still going.

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  9. rony

    To Christophe,

    Cher has been no. 1 for me, and she will be, no matter what.

    But I am not a yes-man and if there is something I don´t like, I will say it.

    1. The album is her best, I love it – but lame promo caused that the album kind of flopped.

    2. Cher promised 3 videos, there is one and the one is low budget and boring

    3. D2K show looks good, but OMG this is CHER !!! so I had expected something huge and fabulous, cuz Cher is fabulous, but I got a show without fresh ideas.

    And yes, the other singers are younger than Cher, but I didnt criticise Cher but the show. Neither Gaga, nor Perry are better singers than Cher. But the show itself let me down. I don´t want Cher to do more on stage, I dont care she does not dance cuz I know she´s 68. What let me down is the show cuz it could have been bigger, more new ideas, better visual effects etc. The problem is that Cher doesnt work with young people. Gaga, Perry are not half as good as Cher but they work with young people who have great ideas and they know how to make the shows look fabulous.

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    • Christophe

      i hear u on some issues bro,, u forgot to mention madonna, (if u a fan am sorry-don’t mean to offend) we’ll see how she too will copy elements of CHER’s concert, as she did for her new cd-promo pics, by having some element on her face,, may have been done different-STILL,,not original, COPIED CHER WITH JEWELS CHAINS ON HER FACE- as for the other chicks IE gaga, perry-CHER BLOW THEM AWAY WITH SALES! D2K KICKED ASS sold out, critics loved it! i hear u we fan want to see CHER push the envelope-sing at the oscars!, grammys,the cd did well considering its poor promo! lets be honest in my opinion even tis young chick copy/steal her what some fans call boring ideas,, IE: Katy Perry on a mechanical computer animated lion or sailing in the air as she sang for super bowl- i go see her not coz of her dancers etc,, ITS HER VOICE,, as for Videos, am not sure if its her thing, in her heart CHER is a rocker and- as i look back CHER did very few videos to her dance singles, and for new ideas, its worked for her for the last few decades-its 50 years in the making,,as for working with yonger ppl- why dont they reach out to THE LEGEND OF CHER!? gaga blow it all away w/CHER she had a chance as a result her cd did very poorly
      lets see what trick CHER has up her sleeve,, it’ll be interesting to see if CHER continues with her tour same time madonna does,,

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      • rony

        In my opinion, Gaga didnt want 2 release the duet cuz Cher ruled on the track. I agree that Madonna, Perry copy from Cher, yet I think that Cher could do more. And even though some things have worked 4 her for decades, I´d love seeing something new and more exciting.

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        • Christophe

          totally agree!!, CHER usually over powers with her vocals,, in that duet that leaked,, CHER dominated the track,, i think tis is another reason why some young singer wont approach coz they know CHER voice will dominate. lets hope she comes back with a huge bang!

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  10. rony

    Amen 🙂

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  11. Kenneth Browning

    Reason there was only one video is because her label Warner did not want. To. Put. Any. Money’s into her CD.they wanted to depend on her fans.that’s why cher is leaving. Wb label. But the cd did well considering no backing from wb also her d2k tour netted. $55million also she starts new film soon check out imdb site.

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  12. Kenneth Browning

    Cher rocks only artist to have a#1song on a billboard chart 6decades straight.that is from age 19. Til 67. She ain’t done yet. …now follow that bitches

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  13. Agresti Stefan

    Christophe asshole ur are stupid
    French 2 faced its the worst intolérant and racist things to say
    For u all french are Like That …poor Man
    Its just and normal to be réalistic
    When something is good i say it and Im happy
    When something is not when the Way is not good i tell it normal Im honest réalistic true
    Not like u à sort of yes madam à sad Dicks sucker
    And it doenst mean i hâte Cher
    I love her more That u fucking bitch so shut ur mouth
    I just dont want she go down i just want she stay on the top
    For That new team fresh ideas
    And for fan Like u Fucking Dicks sucker
    And poor sad madam the WC door bitch

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    Rating: -2 (from 4 votes)
    • Christophe

      écouter jackass, fièrement suis partie française, mais français comme vous font le reste d’entre nous mal paraître !. Soyons honnête, vous êtes confronté à deux, un jour, elle est la meilleure chose sur cette planète alors qu’elle est une vieille salope ridé jusqu’à. vous oubliez qu’elle est humaine. il ya une différence entre être honnête et être laid et méchant, vous êtes méchant mal avec vos mots, ne prenez jamais en contrepartie vous mettez FANS CHER réel sur l’endroit de ne pas vous attaquer. vous êtes une personne triste sans substances. Vous n’êtes jamais positive avec l’un de vos commentaires en anglais mal écrits. maintenant aller sous un rocher et y rester. souhaite que je étais le maître de Web parce que je vous l’aurais bloqué de mon site il ya longtemps !! français est ma 4ème langue, ce est le meilleur que je peux faire écrire, mais je suis sûr que vous avez mon point

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    • Todd

      Agreat you fumb F……shut your stupid shallow trap

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  14. Merle Zurin

    There will NEVER be another Cher! That’s all that needs to be said!

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  15. Christophe

    as for the new movie rumor, this is what i found out:
    In 1920s Buenos Aires, Tango sensation Carlos Gardel is involved with several women, including the baroness Ms. Wakefield. He finds his way to 1930s Paris and captivates the local culture … See full summary »
    Director: Martin DeLuca
    Writers: Enrique Cadícamo (screenplay), Martin DeLuca(adaptation)
    Stars: Cher, Jean Dujardin, Joanne Whalley |See full cast and crew »

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  16. Agresti Stefan

    Christophe tu es un triste con
    Et ton français est très mauvais tu fais mieux d écrire en anglais ….
    Je suis honnête lucide pas comme toi un suceur de bites
    Tu es qu une grosse merde

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  17. Agresti Stefan

    Autre chose Christophe je suis positif quand ça le mérite
    Mes commentaires ne sont pas que négatifs ils ont le mérite d être franc
    Improve yr french bitch

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  18. Agresti Stefan

    À film with dujardin ??? Lol
    But in France dujardin is nothing is just à little actor of Small Funny séries
    Omg Cher is réally down ….sad

    WE are fare away from caprio Tom Cruise
    Johnny dép …Brad pit

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  19. Agresti Stefan

    Stars dujardin …….. So Funny …..
    Its all … Excepted à star

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  20. Agresti Stefan

    And on this few comments nobody say she looks fabulous!!!!
    Try to be honnest fucking asshole
    Other fans say she looks Old
    But Christof y attack only me
    If y were in front of me ridiculous gay
    I Will bit y réally

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    • Christophe

      Comme je l’ai dit le français est ma langue 4 sacrément non seulement est votre anglais écrit pauvres est donc votre français, vous êtes une âme perdue et inutile. vos commentaires sont ridicules. comme je ai dit aller sous une roche et ne jamais sortir, je suis fait de notre manque d’intelligence

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  21. Jane

    I love Cher, but let´s be honest, her comeback was fucked up from the very beginning. The album is so great, but the promotion sucked cause WB did not care and Cher did nothing to set things right.

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  22. Michael

    This Stefan is a real asshole. If you want to talk shit about her then your not a fan. Go to France and kiss Cher’s ass.

    she has been sick and she will tour again soon, New Perfume and movie.

    So follow that you bitches!

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  23. Michael

    This is to all you nay sayers. No matter what the bitch is a fucking legend and still packs the house out. And she can buy and sell ALL OF YOU

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  24. Agresti Stefan

    No she Will not your again
    Now MADONNA is touring lady Gaga …
    So no place for Cher and she dont want take the risque of flop again ….
    And her album is too Old now Music is complètely upset
    Its 3 years WE are listening always the same bad version of WW the first version she never think to choose another remix
    So 3 years after … The album is down
    And tour also !!!
    Sorry to be true closer to the true
    For me it was the last chance for Cher to ritch top album but
    She Takes 3 years to make this album
    And when she finish it all Music was upset lol Like Old album
    Second her vidéo was so poor ….
    Only one but the poorest vidéo i never seen
    No promotion réally when she cames in France she only speak on TV she never sing one song …… So Funny
    She cames in France for speaking not singing she doenst make à good job
    She Had economised herself on each TV
    Bla bla bla …
    No promotion
    Have à look on her first tv for her first promo no work behind she decided to promote WW but this song was on internet since one year
    She never think just for exemple to make à new remix spécial for the promotion
    No she contented to sing
    No work absolutly no work
    I remember her walking on stage at right at left like à désespérate lady with an horrible pink wig
    Waoooo whats ur chorégrapher Cher?
    Ur first TV ur first promotion ….
    I imagine Warner bross looking u …..
    Omg !!!! Think at this moment they understand it was obligatory to stop
    With u
    No Cher ur work wasnt good since the beginning and Warner was ….. Oufffff
    They was so boring of u of u delay and ur not serious work !!!!
    Why have u make this album ?????
    U have to rencognize ur errors

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    Rating: -3 (from 3 votes)
  25. Michael

    What an asshole this jerk is. He is no fan!

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    • Christophe

      Michael ive tried, to reason with this jerk but A. Stefan is as dumb as they come,, he has no sense of The Wonderful World Of What Is CHER n never will its not about best videos,its her talent and powerful vocals, CHER DOES NOT HIDE herself behind dancers and fluffy super expensives videos to make up for her lack of voice! CHER HAS A VOICE, VIDEO OR NOT! n to be compared to the copy cat of madonna is an insult to a TRUE artist n legned that is CHER

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      Rating: +2 (from 2 votes)
  26. Michael

    Only one Cher people and don’t ever forget it.

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    Rating: +1 (from 3 votes)
  27. Stacy

    I am a Cher fan too but I am also disappointed. In the time of Believe and Living Proof Cher was a somebody. She was played all around the world and she was spoken about, she had great videos – true diva and legend. But now she is not relevant anymore. Bad promo, no good videos and people dont watch Cher even on Youtube. Even videos of unknown kids have more views than Cher. If she didnt want to work harder, she should not have come back. What a sad end of a legend!

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  28. Christophe

    Michael ive tried, to reason with this jerk but A. Stefan is as dumb as they come,, he has no sense of The Wonderful World Of What Is CHER n never will its not about best videos,its her talent and powerful vocals, CHER DOES NOT HIDE herself behind dancers and fluffy super expensives videos to make up for her lack of voice! CHER HAS A VOICE, VIDEO OR NOT! n to be compared to the copy cat of madonna is an insult to a TRUE artist n legned that is CHER

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  29. Agresti Stefan

    She dont tour again ….
    Album is too Old now
    And réal performers are touring now
    MADONNA GAGA no place for CHER
    And its better to avoid à new Tour flop for Cher
    She never interested by her new album
    Her job was so bad for promo for TV for only one shit vidéo 3 month later after her WW promo lol so Funny
    Why she did this shit album with this shit promo ???
    I never seen à such bad word from the beginning to the end
    Take an exemple Madonna
    Look her first TV grammy …so Much appears .. She gives at each Time her best of herself she
    Vidéo clip TV radios
    Her single is well choose is fabulous
    Remix are prévious
    When she cames in France Like every where in the world she gives fantastic performances singing dancing she dont économisé herself Like cher beautiful costumes …she is the best
    Remember cher in promot in France
    It was so down so flawless she dont sing
    She wasnt Funny
    She was Like Old lady coming for bla bla
    Have à look on internet on CHer le grand journal vidéo
    And madonna le grand journal vidéo
    And u Will understand What i mean …
    Sad but she is over over

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    Rating: -1 (from 3 votes)
  30. Christophe

    It’s GREAT to know that CHER may be in Brazil for amfar to be Honoured..

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    Rating: +1 (from 1 vote)
  31. Cher D2K Tour

    Supper Cher has finally said on twitter that she is going to do a once off in South Africa somewhere in May this year fans in South Africa is going Crazy of the thought of Cher just coming to South Africa. If Cher is to come to South Africa she is set to do a South African tour where she will come to Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban.

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  32. Agresti

    Cher is finish
    Éven if she goes in brazil ….. Not sûre
    She Will not perform
    And dont dream D2KT is over ….
    Where have u seen à tour is stoped and 1 year later is Côme again …. No sens
    The support of this tour was her Côme Back and her new album 2013 ……
    And is totaly flop flop i think is the biggest flop of Cher
    Look on u tube or Facebook between 20 and 150 views on her publications ……
    CAN u imagine !!!!!!!!!!
    Im sad CHER is complètely down
    And is her fault she killed CHER
    No work no serious no promot no energy nothing no vidéo no chorégraphie
    When she was on talk show
    She was so boring and she never petformed songs of her new album
    Only bla bla
    Her costumes was terrible
    Since beginning all is à Flop and she is responsable
    She takes 3 years for making à fucking album
    One shit vidéo

    Warner Bross was so so boring of this not professsional comportement
    So they diceded to stop with Cher

    Why she makes this album ?????
    Why she Cômes Back ???? For à such bad
    Work !!!!!!!!

    So sad
    She Had killed à Legend with à shit album
    And à shit work

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  33. jasgenjon

    Some of you need to lay off with the lame ass comments. Cher would tell you to go f*ck yourselves. She doesn’t play by the rules always and shouldn’t if she isn’t so inclined. You are either 100% or you are dead weight. Cher looks amazing.

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  34. Mike Seegers

    Dear Cher get well soon,good luck in 2016.Regards to Chaz,he is a strong person.Mike

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