Cher attends party with Val Kilmer


Cher attended a party hosted by Val Kilmer where according to Cher herself he, “DID UNBELIEVABLE ONE MAN SHOW ABOUT “MARK TWAIN” Which He Wrote! OMG! Took pics,but car is 2 bumpy”. Cher also commented on twitter that her hair looked nice.

Cher also took to twitter earlier to comment on the “Woman’s World” leaks from Metro Nightclub on Saturday night….

“Im upset about the leak.Its not the End of The World , but,Dont understand how Club in Michigan played min of it? Its not final mix!” “Vocal sounds different , well theres more but Im not going 2 Stress, its just its my 1st cd in a gazzion yrs. & Ive worked so hard on It.wanted it 2come out,like it is now.Pinks Ballad is 2nd favorite! EVERY Woman I played it 4 cried,but just got AMAZING new songs! Mark(BELIEVE PROD) is coming with his songs,Billy (Pinks Prod.) has done 2 & 2 more 2 do! Am very lucky, but its drag about WW! Bye xxxme” “Guys dont sweat it . I have 2 real problems with this leak ! 1st I wanted ppl to hear final mix & we havent done video ! Also record co had changed roll out date to jan.they wanted 2have videos finished,world promo tour etc etc 2 coincide . The Best Laid plans of mice & Men”.

Cher also responded to who asked, “What do u want us 2 do? Not post anymore news regarding Woman’s World. U don’t want that until January?” to which Cher replied.. “This is LAST TWEET ! No I think they have 2 change their plan!Small leak thurs,fri,Then Big 1 last nite! So its SCRAMBLE Time”.

So I guess we can comfortably say that Womans World will be released officially in full shortly and Cher’s new album to follow later 2012 or January 2013. The last thing Warner Bros should do is let this momentum fizzle for another two months.

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4 Responses to Cher attends party with Val Kilmer

  1. MR

    I think it was pretty crappy that someone leaked it but you’re right and now its happened they should use it, not wait til next year. Cher said that it was because they wanted videos done and tour promo all at same time so I guess we’ll all just have 2 hold our excitement until then x

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  2. Katie F

    Yes I agree, we can’t just have this little sample and now be left in the dark for months until they sort everything out. For warner bros when something like this leaks they should use the momentum and excitement for the benefit of the single. If we wait until Jan, we will all be like hey remember that Womans World that was leaked in October, so old news now in 2013.

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  3. rony

    Its all strange. It was stated that the album was ready and would B out until Xmas. It was a lie! If it was ready, Cher would not say now that she is about 2 record some other songs that will B on the album. And the thing about videos?!! How come they havent made any so far? Am I right when I say that the duet with Gaga was ready 2 go more than a year ago? They recorded the song more than a year ago and they were not able 2 do a video for it until now. Shall I cry, be angry, or laugh?

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  4. jujubeesgetstuckinmyteeth

    Unbelievable! Oh and Val is not looking so good these days. Men dont age as well as women.

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