Cher attends Q Thursdays in New York City



Cher attends Q Thursdays at the Marquee Club on June 27, 2013 in New York City.  Looking like a bedazzling warrior princess Cher was the highlight of the night playing her new music and chatting with fans.

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Cher attends Q Thursdays in New York City, 9.8 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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  1. Kurt

    The QUEEN is back!

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  2. Rony

    The best outfit I have ever seen on her. It is crazy and very modern and hot. But again – dont like her orange eye-shadows. Extravagant black eyelines and dark shadows would be better. It would be striking and people would not notice her wrinkles.

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    i love this new look she is sexy its new its CHER

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  4. SB

    That’s what the world has been missing, the amazing, unique, creative, artsy Cher-wear! She just brightens up any place!

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  5. Stefan agresti

    CHER u look hot i like so much ur look!!
    Amazing !!
    Why havent u wear this costume for voice ??
    Its much sexy its more CHER
    Thats true ………… ;-))))
    Love U

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  6. I love u cher come vist me

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  7. jujubeesgetstuckinmyteeth

    I love this outfit. This is how I want to see Cher! Love the head piece. Its so weird to see wrinkles on her. She usually looks like a porcelain doll.

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    jujubee everybody has wrinkles…………………certainly u have wrinkles too!!!!!!!!!!!
    it means nothing ……it depend of the day it depend of yr form it depend if u had good sleep or no …….
    and CHER is like us and this period she must have a lot of stress
    she certainly dont slepp everynight ……and on this pics she looks absolutly amazing and sexy it was on disco it was late she looks absolutly great yes some wrinkles but not more than a 40 yr old u know
    be induldent she can be a little bit tired sometimes but even if she is
    she has always a perfect body she is so sexy also she can have at 2 IN THE MORNING IN DISCO SOME LINES AROUND EYES ……lol
    tomorrow promize afer a good sleep she will be perfect
    be indulgent look urself in the mirror dont u see wrinkles??? ;-))))))
    yes u have but lov u

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  9. jujubeesgetstuckinmyteeth

    Why do you get so defensive? No actually I don’t have wrinkles but im 30 years younger then Cher. Cher has always been obsessed with looking youthful so Its just weird for me to see her with wrinkles. I don’t care.She is still beautiful. Someone else posted about her wrinkles yet you just jump on me. Its just rare to ever see Cher with wrinkles.Thats all I was saying.

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  10. jujubeesgetstuckinmyteeth

    Really Cher still looks the same so I don’t know why people think she looks so different with all the plastic surgery. The video at the top her face looks like from Dead ringer for love or her monte carlo shows back in late 70’s and early 80’s.

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  11. Stefan agresti

    Jujube for 30 years old u have a Lot of wrinkles!!!
    U dont sleep enought u look older than 30 really
    Why dont y try plastic surgery ??
    May be They CAN do something for u ,,,
    Im so sad u are looking so old

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    • jujubeesgetstuckinmyteeth

      Stefan your mama is old and tired. she is too fat to have wrinkles. Your posts make you seem like a slow baby.

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  12. Stefan agresti

    And maybe ur mama is slim ??????????
    Y make me laughing ;-))))
    I dont understand why u are so bad With me coz u before u loved me and now u hate me !!
    Why juju ????

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