Cher unveils Believe Fountains wearing Trump inspired pants


Cher has been added to the soundtrack at the Fountains of Bellagio. “Believe,” her 1998 hit, was unveiled late Wednesday night before an adoring throng of fans milling about the Strip.

Cher, who earlier in the evening resumed her headlining run at The Park Theater, created a stir when she turned up for the event just before 11 p.m. Her number was preceded by the medley from Tiësto’s “A Town Called Paradise” and joins such famed numbers as “Viva Las Vegas” as sung by Elvis, “Singing In the Rain,” from Kelly and Mancini’s “Pink Panther Theme.”

“Believe” joins a lineup of 25 songs played at the fountains. No numbers have been removed.

Her fashion seemed confused much like her anger filled tweets about the president of the United States.  Cher’s fascination with President Trump appears to have no end with the ageing diva channelling Trump’s fashion during her outing.

“It’s an honor to be part of the MGM Resorts entertainment family and to be included in such a spectacular landmark on the Las Vegas Strip,” Cher said in a statement after the presentation, which she viewed along with execs from MGM Resorts International and AEG Live, co-producers of her Park Theater show.

Cher’s show opened in February 2017, and its current run continues until Feb. 3. She returns again May 2-19.

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Cher unveils Believe Fountains wearing Trump inspired pants, 7.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

7 Responses to Cher unveils Believe Fountains wearing Trump inspired pants

  1. Anonymous

    Just give us the Cher news and layoff the Trump throw ins…We get it…you are a Trump supporter as I am too but let’s just focus on what this website is all about…CHER

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  2. Rony

    I luv blonde Cher.

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  3. Stacey

    All Cher talks about is TRUMP ! What happened o all those new songs, she doesn’t care just collect the easy money at Vegas and trash talk Trump.. plus she looks hideous in those pants.

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    • Ant

      Very much like this site, always talks about trump! No need to mention him at all!

      So your logic, you don’t know what she’s working on so that means she doesn’t care!

      You know you mentioned about Cher trashing Trump, you’ve just done the same to her over her pants! Funny how it’s ok for you but not her!

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  4. Owen

    Is this a Republican political site or a Cher fan website? I am confused!!!!

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    • Ant

      Seems to be a political website now. The admin adds Trump in to almost every article, even when it has nothing to do with him.

      And people say Cher is obsessed!

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  5. Jeff

    Cher looks fantastic
    F Trump

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