Cher Closer To The Truth Album Cover


Cher Closer To The Truth Album Cover

The album cover for Cher’s new album “Closer To The Truth” has been revealed with Cher paying homage to old playboy magazines. There may be more that one cover depending on where you buy the album and what version with Cher saying on twitter “yes.outlets want diff. Covers &Songs.Homage is 2 Old Playboy Mag’s! Blonds,Blown out, other worldly! Other pic’s r About Reality!”

More pics will be revealed soon from the Diva with other themes including ancient history, Moulin Rouge, Lying on Blk Diamond Sand.

UPDATE Cher has also revealed the Special Edition Cover for Target release of Closer To The Truth below..

Target Closer To The Truth

So what do you think about the new album cover for Closer to The Truth?  Sexy and amazing? Unexpected? Doesn’t look like Cher? Too airbrushed? Tell us in the comments below..

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