Cher concert a fabulous spectacle



Cher materialized on a seven-metre pedestal arrayed in a massive peacock feather headdress and a sheer, beglittered gown to dazzle the full house at Credit Union Centre.

The statuesque diva belted out her 2013 single, Woman’s World, in front of a huge video screen that, combined with set decorations, moving lights and eight hard-bodied dancers, provided non-stop energy throughout Saturday night’s two-hour show.

Cher moved right into a strutting, air-punching version of Strong Enough before breaking to engage with the Saskatoon audience.

She hoped the crowd appreciated her risking her neck on the pedestal with “only dental floss” holding her 68-year-old self up there. Before anyone could raise an eyebrow at that revelation, she chided, “What’s YOUR granny doing tonight?”

Despite doing her first farewell tour “a gazillion years ago,” she said, she is back, fabulous in “ridiculous outfits” putting on a show to challenge female performers everywhere.

“Outdo this, bitches!” she said with the finger-snapping attitude television viewers first admired in her banter with then-husband Sonny Bono on their 1970s variety show.

Cher’s famous body of work provided plenty of video for distracting mini-films that played during impressively quick costume changes, 11 in all.

She returned to the stage after a moving Sonny and Cher montage in her third costume, a glittery red minidress, glossy go-go boots and long straight hair with bangs from her early days, to sing an I’ve Got You Babe duet with a black-and-white video of Bono, who died in 1998.


The miracle of cosmetic surgery, wigs and makeup allow audiences to see a beautifully preserved version of the star, who still eerily resembles the Oscar-winning actress from 1987’s Moonstruck.

During one costume change, two male dancers intertwined and spun as they hung from ribbons and, later, from large metallic globe cages, which combined with the sumptuous circus sets and rich costumes to create a Cirque du soleil feel.


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As the show soared toward its climax, nearly dressed dancers hauled in a giant gold Trojan horse, from which emerged Her Golden-ness singing Take it Like a Man.

All this led to a finale in which, Cher, in a shockingly demure pink gown, with halo headgear, ensconced aboard a church-icon inspired glittery platform that dangled from a cable, glided high above the floor audience all the way to the far end of the arena as she sang the goodbye anthem I Hope You Find It.


The evening began with Cyndi Lauper, in a hooded witch’s cloak, bright red tresses trailing, who surprised by playing a haunting tune on a recorder partway through She-bop.

The cape came off to reveal a black leather Jerkin with bustle and combat boots in which she performed a lively, sassy Girls Just Want to Have Fun-style show.

The tour coincides with the 30th anniversary of Lauper’s breakthrough album, She So Unusual. Word that Saturday’s show was on the eve of her 61st birthday prompted a spontaneous chorus of Happy Birthday from the audience.

Source – The Star Phoenix

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  1. I am a huge fan of Cher I can’t wait to see her in concert

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