Cher discusses The Voice


Cher and The Voice Winner

Looking ever the rock star in leather and studs, Cher took the stage Tuesday for the season finale of “The Voice.” She performed “Woman’s World,” the first single off her upcoming album of the same name — her 26th album since she began recording in the 1960s.

Cher said reality singing competitions are simply a modern incarnation of classic star-makers like “The Ed Sullivan Show” and “Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Scouts.”

“It’s just another vehicle, you know what I mean? Talent is talent,” she said on the red carpet following the finale which crowned 16-year-old country singer Danielle Bradbery the winner.

Cher didn’t seem overly confident with her performance,”Was I in best voice… NO, but it was really fun for me”.  She did a great job!

Though Cher has topped the Billboard pop charts throughout the last six decades, she credits luck, not necessarily talent, for her incredible staying power.

“If you have an idea, you tell me because I haven’t got a clue,” she said of her secret to career longevity. “I believe that luck has a lot to do with it. There are lots of people who are more talented or whatever, but somehow this has been my path. So this is what I’m doing.”

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  1. arlene lovely

    @cher rocked !!

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  2. NYChris

    CHER U ROCK , U NAILED THE PEFORMANCE, we all know u had a sore throat we werent expecting u to sing OPERA, ur voice sounded strong and amazing,,LOVE THE look, then again i am in FASHION,,,u r a trend setter..

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  3. Kurt

    LOVE this look!

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  4. rony

    Some1 made Cher laugh when she received his message on Twitter saying that the wig used in the show looked as if Cher was wearing puppies on her head. Cher commented on this and from what she said it is obvious that she wanted to shock people by her look and she did! Some1 has 2 wear meat dreasses, some1 can do with a wig 🙂 BRAVO!!!

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  5. patrice

    Cher est époustouflante. elle est toujours aussi belle. Elle reste simple et abordable. C’est une vraie star.

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  6. jujubeesgetstuckinmyteeth

    I really like this look. Wish she had worn this for her performance. I thought she sounded great and thank god she did it live

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  7. Cynthia Funnell

    Awesome song, Cher did it again! Incredible women. So empowering and a whole lotta fun to sing and dance to. I once saw a cartoon in a newspaper and it said, “Ifmthere was a holocost the only 2 things left on earth would be cockroaches and Cher”. True survivor.

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  8. Wanette Cleary

    Cher has always been my female idol and i just love the ideal she is back..Cher please keep up the good work and stay with us ..You are awesone and love the song..My dearm is oneday that i will get to meet you..

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  9. stephan e-mail me

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  10. and anyone who knows Cher’s measurements email me

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  11. thank you NYChris

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  12. NYChris

    Is this possible?
    ranking at #48 on iTunes! “Woman’s World” is officially Pop Topper of the Week!
    this should be #1

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  13. rony

    That´s nice, but sad is that in Europe it is not available on itunes and it seems that WW won´t be released on CD. Pity! I´d buy it.

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    • jujubeesgetstuckinmyteeth

      I ordered my fan cd and with shipping was 34.00. Crazy anyways I got the single download emailed to me and I have no idea what to do with it. I have to figure out how to burn to a blank cd? This digital bullsh*t is an inconvenience and hassle. I miss cd singles. Its gonna have an effect on sales since us old time gang fans who buy Cher music don’t like this or know how to download music.

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      • NYChris

        lol.. i am with u,, old or not digital shit is a pain in the a**,, there r those that still collect things of our fav artist

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  14. Stefan agresti

    Dear CHER why havent u done a single With 5 or more différent version of W.W ???
    Like for u havent seen thé last of me ??
    Coz at my Own sens for real fans its not a New song … And it was astucious to make a real cd of this single With another amazing remix
    Personnaly i have listenning a version of W.W more clubbing and really hot and this version its not my favorite
    For Other fans and Other people who dont Know this song its little béat short for a single of promotion They cant Enjoy and choose différent sound différent mix of this song
    Y Know its one and only one … But really amazing remix of W.W are much better Than song including in ur album
    It was Interesting to make more for a promotion a spécial cover and a spécial cd for fans .. And in september the album
    Thé single With many remix on iTunes. Was good
    And where is thé clip vidéo ??
    I havent seen ….
    To wait september a clip and a real single With many remix is necessary
    Also for DJS …….. And radio
    One song is not enought is like if u want to buy a pair of shoes and in the shop
    Only one comon !!!! CHER ….
    Where is ur team ?????????
    Nobody think ????

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  15. Janie

    I feel like we’re growing older together. I was a young woman when I first saw you and Sonny performing together. A lot of life gone under that bridge. You’re still as phenomenal today as you were then. Love all your movies but your song “Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me” had me in tears (which was embarrassing since I was in the movie theater). Wishing you good health and a lot more years of great music. ♥

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  16. Kurt

    Agree Stefan, promotion for Woman’s World Sucks so far. Where us the video? Does anybody know what’s going on? The woman’s world roll out has been messy since last year!!

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      I agree! I haven’t even heard it on radio and no video? ughhhhh

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  17. Stefan agresti

    Im afraid They are missing the promotion of the single coz normallly is go on With
    Clip video for diffusion on Chanel on internet … On disco Too ..
    They done thé same thing like living proof good album but no promotion not enought clip vidéo just one may be 2 i dont remember exactly ..
    Womens world is GOOD but where is thé promotion ?? In Europe nothing … Coz no clip vidéo
    Actually no diffusion on radio Too also in disco ..
    Im afraid coz i have listen some amazing remix and sûre CHER can be number one but not Without promotion
    A real single With spécial cover
    5 remix inside With clip vidéo
    A spécial vidéo more hot CHER more sexy dancing more
    A lot of disco have big screen They CAN use it Too
    Dear BB dont miss ur turn ….
    Something go wrong With promotion

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  18. Stefan agresti

    One question why all vidéo of voice are blocked ??
    Its strange for a Tv in view of promotion …
    I have see one just before They block
    It was good
    But … Im sad to tell That grrrr but i have to tell it for cher
    Y costume was gréât and yr boots wasnt With Heel really flat …
    No risk for stability … No slap risk …
    But y moving was less fast than y wear high heel???? I dont understand
    Yr legs movment was so heavy Without energy no jump …just one but nothing ur legs seemed like two blocks of steel
    I dont understand where is ur choregrapher??
    I cant Believe u cant move ur legs more fastly to make steps in synchronisation With womens world ?????
    Obviously u havent work a real chorégraphie and it sûre y need Heels not Too much hight but u need certainly u Feel better With boots y where so heavy
    Common Baby u CAN move u legs jump turn go ahead behind … Its not so difficult u CAN do That With a good choregrapher and good training
    U wasnt confortable
    I told u a look really sexy even pinup style was fun With long Black Hair not curly short dress heels With stability was more sexy more u
    Wig was unconfortable to dance really rings was Too big
    Y seemed not ok in ur costume
    Only thé top was U
    For a first TV u needed to be more confortable more prépared With a real chorégraphie
    Who is yr choregrapher ? Always dorian Sanchez ??

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