Cher flips through chapters of her past at Barclays Center NY



It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Cher!

The unkillable star swooped into Barclays Center on Friday with all the oddity and wonder of a superhero, if not a UFO.

After more than half a century of media exposure, it’s still hard to prepare for the sight of a 68-year-old woman teetering on a sky-high platform, while crowned with a multitiered headdress of feathers, looking like nothing so much as the Queen of the Peacock People.

Appropriately, Cher has called her latest show the “Dressed to Kill” tour, though it also finds her “Tressed” to at least maim.

You could spend a lot of time figuring out how many human heads it took to create that lofty collection of follicles she sports in “Take It Like A Man.”

This particular number found Cher adorned with bales of blonde curls, cascading down a golden outfit swiped from the days when gladiators ruled. She looked like ancient Rome’s answer to Big Bird, with enough muscular, warrior/dancers surrounding her prove it.


Later, Cher appeared in an amped-up version of that warren of black hair made iconic by the “If I Could Turn Back Time” video of the ’80s. “I can still get into my outfit — at almost 100,” she crowed, in one of many jokes about her age.

“And what is your granny doing tonight?” she asked later.

The show flipped through several gleefully garish chapters of Cher’s past. It featured a sizable Sonny & Cher segment, including “I Got You Babe” staged as a “duet” with a looming video image of the late Sonny. It’s a potentially squirm-inducing sight that Cher made moving by her clear affection both for him and her own history.

She also recreated ’70s hits that functioned as much as comedy skits as songs — like the undyingly kitschy “Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves,” or “Half Breed,” in which Cher did her old Pocahontas outfit one better. She donned a head-piece of colors psychedelic enough to carry their own contact high.


Needless to say, Cher gets the joke in all this better than anyone. But sometimes it seems like she gets it too well. The star can claim a seriously catchy, and impressively varied, trove of thrilling hits — from “The Beat Goes On” right through the new “Woman’s World.” And her vibrato-heavy, pansexual vocals have a timbre, and a style, like no other singer.


You can still BUY TICKETS to see Cher’s Dressed To Kill Tour here.

Cher proved it in an anthem tailor-made for her role as the ultimate survivor: “You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me Yet,” from the bomb movie “Burlesque.” Here, she earned diva status as much through her undervalued power to belt as her will to gall.

Of course, much of the show’s joy, and even its poignancy, came from its mission to defy common notions of taste, age and even self-parody. The lazy would call it camp. But it’s beyond that. Ultimately, it can only be described as just so incredibly Cher.

“Woman’s World” 
“Strong Enough” 
“Dressed to Kill” 
“The Beat Goes On” 
“I Got You Babe” 
“Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves” 
“Dark Lady” 
“Welcome to Burlesque” 
“You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me” 
“Take It Like a Man” 
“Walking in Memphis” 
“Just Like Jesse James” 
“Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)” 
“I Found Someone” 
“If I Could Turn Back Time” 
“I Hope You Find It”


Source – New York Daily News

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20 Responses to Cher flips through chapters of her past at Barclays Center NY

  1. SB

    Seems it was another amazing night. Note to reviewer: Check your facts. She’s still 67!

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  2. Christophe

    these reviewers need lessons in writing more honestly, insightful and kinder esp to a lEGEND of 50 years

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  3. dusty

    the one thing you dont want to do is piss cher off she has ten more days till her birthday and to me shes more than a legend like mona said to sissy in come back to the five and dime “i feel something so deep inside of me about james dean that im just not able to get words to come out about it sissy.”you mean love” mona. no its something more than love. sissy love is the end. mona there is something beyond the end & thats how i feel about cher

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  4. Christophe


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    • Derrick

      Hey Christophe! Glad to hear that you had a great time and got to meet and take a pic with Dorian. Today is 5-14. I have 2nd row seats this Saturday night down here in South Florida. Will be meeting Cher briefly and a few of her dancers that I know. Very excited….haven’t been with her in 3 years now. Hoping that she will want to go out clubbing with the guys. Don’t know off hand if she has a show on Sunday. She really likes to go clubbing in NY,Florida, and NJ. She limits herself to 1 drink and still has the time of her life. That girl loves to dance! Anyway can’t wait for Saturday. Will fill you and everyone else here at Cherworld in on how everything turned out. Real happy that you had such a great time!

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      • Christophe

        wish i was there in Fl, hangin with u, u sound like FUN! i used love to dance but the scene here in NYC has changed so much! Dorian was so nice we chatted like we knew each other for years, my firend that i took to see CHER was stunt, he asked how long have u 2 known each other i said 20 mins, haha,, HE LOVED LOVED CHER, and will be going back with me when CHER is back in NYC! I am sure u had a blast seein her,, it was truly an amazing show,

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  5. Cher. You were awesome in Detroit,I love you very much ,you inspire me to be a better person your music and songs left me up when I’m sad,happy mothers day I hope that you. Decide to come to the palace of auburn hills ,so I can see you again,I never get enough of you and your music you are the best in the business love love love you cher

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  6. rony

    Cher and her new video B4 DTK song

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  7. dusty

    no thats the video needed for “LOVERS FOREVER” the true queen of the night the vampire queen herself “CHER” ageless and sublime love you cher my darklady………….

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    • Christophe

      u r right, wish she had sang that song, I LOVE IT i hear it over n over again,,

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  8. dusty

    i would love for her to come out with a video with her puting a very hot guy under her thrall that all vampires have and as the video and song go on have her drawing him in closer and closer until the moment of pure seduction as she lowers her fangs down into his neck you hear him groan in ecstacy and clinch his fists as she penetrates his throat and she turns him into her undead lover

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  9. dusty

    i would love that

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  10. Christophe

    CHER will be back to NYC at Madison Square Garden 19, 20 of Sept, i am back there again to see her!!

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  11. Agresti Stefan

    Amazing vidéo !!!!
    She is so so beautiful inside such so sexy vampire
    Why Warner bross dont promot this vidéo
    And her new single dressed to kill remix
    It Will be gréât for the album
    Im absolutly sûre radio and TV are interested by this vidéo and song
    Coz à song éven à gréât song without vidéo and promotion on TV radio disco
    Stay unknown
    The potential of the vidéo is intersting it CAN sell the song and the album
    And why not à new smalest album with à new cover in the Line of this vidéo
    À sélection of the best songs of the album with the gréât remixes and Small films
    Hope u find it also … With à dance remix
    Personnaly dont Like remixes of walk alone it gives nothing to the song
    But remix of Dany verde for woman world
    Is so good it give à new energy to the song more rythm
    Good remix for take it Like à Man especially disco remix
    Its réally Warner bross dont promot take it Like à Man with à hot vidéo of Cher it Will be à hit
    But for That think must show of What she is able ….
    Why not à vidéo of her in bed in love with à younger Man creazy of her. !!!!
    She CAN found That easily …..and Im ir too ..;-)
    She must choc média she must make the buz
    And she CAN do it
    She is amazing of beauty
    Go baby

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  12. Mike

    I Have loved this Woman sence the 70s, I seen her May 2 in Cleveland, she is still perfict I would love to be Mr.Cher! If I could only sleep with her one time,she is a ICON what were the other guys from the past thinking!!!! Happy Birthday baby.

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  13. I love love you cher and can’t wait to see you at the. Palace of auburn hills you rock and happy belated birthday you make me happy and your music lifts me up when I’m sad I dress up. As you for Halloween,love love love you keep on rockin

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  14. Agresti Stefan

    I Côme to see CHER in Madison garden
    The 19 sept is someone want to join me ?
    And hélp me for choosing place
    I would like to be in B aéra is it good. ?
    to be the nearest of her
    Tks in advance
    Im flying from France

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  15. R. Thompson

    She was in Denver on 6/28. I have always liked her, always wanted to see her perform. Yes the outfits she is know for are great, not the greatest stage show but that might be difficult to accomplish on the road. However, I saved up for this show and did not like paying $204.00 for not that good of seats to watch Cher lip sync through most of the show. Very disappointing.

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