Cher models a groovy Bohemian look & hints at new song


Cher New York
Cher proved her style chameleon status while turning heads on Tuesday in a much different look than the one she rocked the night before at the Met Gala.

The 68-year-old singer looked groovy in a colourful Bohemian get-up on an outing in New York City, visiting Serendipity and other favorite places in the Big Apple.

On Tuesday, Cher was a boho babe in a baby blue sheer outer garment and matching top with high-waisted loose-fit orange trousers, all emblazoned with an exotic eye-catching pattern. She tied a bright turquoise bandana around her head and concealed her eyes behind purple mirrored aviator sunglasses. Cher strut her stuff in stacked silver wedge sandals while carrying a bright turquoise snakeskin purse.

Cher also revealed on twitter that she will be recording a new song beginning June (it is unknown whether this will be for an entire new album or a 50th Anniversary compilation package). There is also a huge secret project in the works that might be ready for her 69th Birthday celebrations.

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Cher models a groovy Bohemian look & hints at new song, 9.6 out of 10 based on 16 ratings

9 Responses to Cher models a groovy Bohemian look & hints at new song

  1. rony

    This dress is absolutely crazy, that´s why I love it. I don´t like her boring black outfits. She is a true diva, she can wear crazy outfits. This one is really wacky 🙂 Thumbs up!

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    • Sherry Blatherwick

      Cher looks stunning in everything she adorns, but I like her look best in jeans and boots.

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  2. JD

    Creative and unique, I just love her to bits!! This is what us fans love to see. Positive vibes

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  3. Murphy

    This is what makes Cher, she is always different. Sets the world apart. You go girl..

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  4. matt

    I just love this look for her. I love when she dresses in light and playful colors. She pulls them off so well and looks like the goddess she is while doing so.

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  5. Christophe

    She is just 13 blocks away from where i live here in NYC-Midtown westsdie area, got to see her again in person,, the colours on this # amazing,, vibrants, unlike the pics,, and she went to Perfume CO., for meeting n discuss her new scent,, lots going on for CHER, and sure there is more still under wraps

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  6. Ant

    Cher looks great and it’s good to see her about more. Her health is back and so is she 🙂

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  7. Hey I am real excited to hear that there maybe another song release by the one and only CHER I am a huge fan and love her so much.

    she has had a load of crap in the past but she still has it at 68 and shows no sign of giving it up, you go girl and give the real fans what they want.

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  8. Michael

    Any more news on this new track and if more will be laid down in the studio soon for a possible new album in the future?

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