Cher Postpones More Dates due to Illness



Cher’s doctors have advised that her recovery will take longer than previously expected and as a result all October tour dates have been postponed.

A new schedule of all upcoming D2K tour dates will be officially announced next week which will include newly rescheduled dates for the postponed shows. At the moment the tour is due to start back on November 9th Lubbock, TX.

“The initial viral infection affected her kidneys which has delayed Cher’s recovery time. Cher’s doctors have advised her to extend her rest period and expect her to make a full recovery” commented her spokesperson.

Cher has released an official statement “I want to thank all my fans for their good wishes, patience and prayers. The doctors assure me that I will be totally well by November and ready to perform my show. I’m truly sorry that I can’t get on the stage sooner. But, the good news is that I’m on the mend and feeling better every day. I can’t wait to see you all. I’ll be ‘Dressed to Kill’ in my unbelievable new Bob Mackie gowns and promise you an unforgettable night.”

Sick and sullen Cher also tweeted..
“I’ve been SO inconsiderate!
I HATE being sick,&Deplore canceling..SO
I’ve been my 🐂self.Put horns down & tried 2
BULL my way through,but”

“I 4GOT 2 Say Sorry 4
Screwing up plans,disappointing every1😱
What’s my f-ing
Problem? BELIEVE I Am
desolate, because I’ve disappointed u

Patrons are encouraged to hold on to their tickets as they will be honored on a new announced date coming shortly or refunds will be provided.

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13 Responses to Cher Postpones More Dates due to Illness

  1. Agresti Stefan

    Hi CHER Im sûre WE Will see very soon
    An amazing Cher again on stage
    Take ur Time WE love u !!!
    I have listened and listened and listened
    Womans World remix of Dany Verde and a this remix is so fucking good !!!!
    Why dont u promote this remix ????????????
    U Will be number one Im absolutly sûre of That
    Especially for yr extended tour in Europe
    Béliève me this remix of WW is hot
    And the best
    I imagine u in vidéo arriving on a char carrying by 8 strong dancers Instead of horses
    I imagine ur clip vidéo Like spartacus film
    But this is à womans world and Man are slaves
    U dancing hot using their body Like u want !!!!

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  2. rony

    Bad to hear this! I hoped to see her in October. Hope she gets well soon.

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  3. Cocacola31

    Has the show in Toronto or Oct 4th been postponed ? Due to being sick ??????
    Answer – Yes all October dates cancelled, further details in the week ahead.

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  4. sandy

    My beautiful cherished Cher don’t despair! We love you and want you well! no worries about postponing your dates shit happens. it’s ok, we want you to be able to travel without getting worse. You mean the world to us, We are sorry you feel this way! Please know this we all understand. Love you and i look up to you, you are a great role model! who got me through a lot of shit, by seeing how you were, your personality and music has made us so happy ty. and see you when you are STRONG ENOUGH love you

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  5. Ann

    Cher please don’t worry about postponing the shows. Your health is so much more important. Please rest and allow yourself to recover. We love you! <3

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  6. Cher. Get well. Soon. I’m. Waiting to. See. You. At the. Palace of auburn. Hills ,I. Had. A left. Total knee replacement surgery and. Have been. Pushing. My. Recovery to see you,I. Have to. Right. A right. Knee. Replacement in. December,please get. Well. Sweetheart so,I can see. Your. Show

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  7. Agresti Stefan

    Hey certainely with ur new opening dress for WW u Will look look sexy as never 😉
    With this nude dress BB workout is ur meal for every days lol !!!
    May be new costume and new remix of WW for opening
    I insist for Dany verde
    For ur coming in Europe
    MY lOVE single promotion with à good clip
    CAN be good for tour and album
    If u décide intrance with David Verde remix think it Will be Hot

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  8. OMG hello Butterfly Cher!! I just read the email… I’m so so so so sorry about your health!!! I’m a truly Your fan. I’m from Yellowknife N.W.T and was at your concert in Edmonton June 23.14 .. OMG Were do I begin!!! First of all You to Gettn Better is Number!!! Us people are praying for you in our Dene ways. There is a remindes for kidney cure. It happened to me in the 1990 and I love to share this for you!! Well.. Buy 6 real lemons squeeze the juice out take the seeds out grind the too of the lemon into the pot.. Use and average big pot fill with water halfway then add your pure lemons into the pot of water then let it boil for 30mins then add PURE A ADVERAGE BOTTLE OF PURE MAPLE SYRUP INTO THE POT and simmer it for 30mins after this pit aside let it TILL WARM THEN STRAIN IT AND PUT IT INTO A PITCHURE AND DRINK IT… Drink a cup of this cure 3x a day for one week and trust me CHER YOU WILL SEE THE DIFFERENCE!! You will be Brand New!! And all is Good.. Special recipes for you and this will help you Cher!! It saved my life in 1990 trust me:) my and our prayers up north are with you Always and I TRULY BELIEVE IN YOU God works in mesteryious WAYS!! Well.. Hope you get this Speedy recouvery message and don’t worry about the concert.. Time is healing I say… Time will tell.. We all have faith.. Your the best of best ever!! Be STRONG!! If you get this email here’s my email love to hear from you!!! Prayers with you 24/7 thank you for your time God bless all the way from CANADA CHER YOU ROCK!!! Butterfly:)

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  9. My Dear Cher…please please do NOT worry your pretty self about cancelling due to health concerns. Your TRUE fans will definitely understand and SUPPORT what you HAVE TO DO for your health.

    Health is EVERYTHING!!! We LOVE YOU for the amazing talent that you have shared with everyone and we are so very grateful.

    Don’t fret about having to cancel as WE truly know it’s not what you wanted to do. Take care of YOU and we will be here for you when you return at your own pace!!! xxoxoox MonaLisa

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  10. Amy

    Cher, God has made you a beautiful woman with a beautiful soul. Be sure to rest even if you feel like nothing is wrong. Your body is fighting a bug with a mission of it’s own. Your fans understand this is not your fault. Don’t blame yourself, okay? Crap happens for a reason and sometimes we have no clue why.

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  11. Hey baby we all get sick please don’t feel bad . just get better sending good thoughts and strength your way

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  12. Joanna

    Cher don’t blame yourseIf you need to take care of you. Sickness does happen just take care of yourself. I have been listening to since I was a kid. My very first concert ever was your March 14th, 2004 farewell tour in Wichita Kansas. When i got the tickets i was hoping they were backstababackstagepasses but they where not. Your music has gotten me through the toughest times in my life. I wished I can give you my deepest thanks in person. When I found out you were ill I prayed for you to get better. I am so happy to hear that you are doing well. Take time and rest I hope when you come back to Wichita Kansas I can go to the concert.

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  13. When you’re ailing you’re ailing. Going back dressed in those Zombie Voodoo costumes just adds fuel to the fire. Especially when you’re ready to hit 70 years old. If she had a lick of sense. She would retire. She has nothing to prove anymore. If she feels well enough to perform. She should look to re-invent herself and keep her performing attire simple.Rather coming on stage with those curse ridden costumes in which she casted upon herself. Also which troubles her deeply is her daughters decision to become a man. This would devastate even the strongest willed woman.

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