Cher’s Prayer’s For This World Released


Cher’s new song for the new HBO documentary “Cries from Syria” has been released. The song plays on the closing credits of the documentary with Cher belting out the chorus “Prayers for this World” along with a child’s voice.

The song was written by Diane Warren especially for the film. “Syria’s ‘lost generation’ needs to be heard,” says filmmaker Evegeny Afineevsky, “and this film provides them with a collective voice.”

In other news Cher has stopped working on her new album indefinitely to concentrate efforts on a political motivated documentary on the Flint Water Crisis for HBO & her campaign against the president of the United States Donald Trump. Spending most of 2016 unsuccessfully rallying for Hillary Clinton the ageing Diva has now returned to Las Vegas to perform for casino patrons. She is very proud of her new show having designed new costumes along with a new set list to excite patrons.

What do you think of the new song??

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Cher's Prayer's For This World Released, 9.4 out of 10 based on 20 ratings

50 Responses to Cher’s Prayer’s For This World Released

  1. miguel

    ….I can understand why this song it’s on that Doc/Film …and I respect it! But, sincerely..I don’t like it! But it’s Ok.

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    • Jerry

      i think is demo version is not difinitiv songs,
      is to mush childeren song

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  2. DanielW

    Like most things Cher does these days very average. A very basic song that is emotionles with no feeling. Shame everything has to be politically motivated. She scraps an album cause she really doesnt care about the fans who have been with her throughout her career and made her fortunes. All she cares about is sucking Donalds do do and spreading political garbage and lie after lie.

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    • Ant

      Who said she scrapped her album? If you want to talk about politically motivated, let’s mention this site and it’s twitter. He complains about Cher but at every opportunity.
      The fact Cher is going to be in the film about flint is a good thing. She has many projects on and you can’t expect her to just do another album and nothing else! If she didn’t care about her fans she wouldn’t anything.

      I suppose when you say she spreads lie after lie you actually mean she voices a different opinion to you and you don’t like it!

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      • Sofondyakoch

        Oh no it sucks. I kept waiting for it to get better. The best part was the end

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  3. Believe00

    Sorry I don’t like it either. Not a very good song. The arrangements and vocals doesn’t work.

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  4. Trump Supporter

    Would be nice if some of the other Islamic countries stepped up to help out… Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and United Arab Emirates? Rich countries that don’t take in one single refugee that are neighbours. Quite disgusting. Before shoving unlimited refugees down the throats of Western Countries the hell hole middle east needs to come together to fix their own mess. They can’t because the Quran teaches a barbaric ideology.

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  5. Kenny

    Dont like it ….. and why stopping the recordings for the new album? The problems in Syria are bad, but stay out of it … put something out for the fans, i hope they will tape the Classic show for a dvd release ….

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  6. Sofondyakoch

    Horrible song. Cher sounds like me when I turn the echo up on my Karaoke machine.What makes it even worse is the kid singing with her. We had to wait 4 years for this crap!

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  7. Paul

    You should really change this site’s name to Trump World…since you obviously love and idolize him and hate Cher.

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    • Sofondyakoch

      How about start your own site if you don’t like it.

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    • Ant

      I agree with you Paul! It seems like any chance the admin gets the chance to throw shade, he does! It’s funny, he complains that Cher does it but he does the same! It use to be the best Cher site, sadly not anymore!

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  8. ben

    a real disappointment, nothing there real boring, vocals are terrible, too many children voices, can’t really call it a Cher song….
    I have been a real loyal fan but this is not good

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  9. Well.. I don’t know if its the originar recording o a simple tv recording too much echo! in other hand its a sad documentary, what do you spet? a Techno #1 Billboard????!!!
    Just remember Cher works on her Tony! (sorry) her Broadway Show. And Classic Cher (it true this website put bombs on the critic)
    She needs another Believe in her career… but… maybe she’s not commercial….
    I love Her, but its true… she focus on Donald Trump, Hillary and maybe she forgot that She is a World Person.


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  10. Liam Conner

    There’s nothing wrong with this song. It was written for a doc/film, not commercial radio. Not everything she does has to be a follow-up to Believe. A new album will come. But for now be thankful she gives a shit about the world.

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  11. Neil


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  12. Kris

    This song suits the closing credits of a movie and that is all. Nothing special, but suits the movie.

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