Cher Shines at Macy’s 4th July Spectacular


Cher joined other big names including Taylor Swift, Pitbull and Selena Gomez for the “Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular” airing on Thursday, July 4 from 8-10 p.m. ET along with one hour fireworks display.  Watch the video of Cher performing above.

Cher looking more beautiful than ever sang her new hit “Woman’s World” to thousands of cheering fans.

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Cher Shines at Macy's 4th July Spectacular, 10.0 out of 10 based on 16 ratings

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  2. rony

    What the hell is going on? I hate Warner Bros. They started the promotion some time ago – Cher sang at a couple on events, but WTF is happening now? Where is the video? Where are physical copies of WW? Seems like Warner Bros think “Cher´s not gonna be a hit anyway, so why should we make a huge promo…” Cher should have changed the record label long time ago. I remember her saying that she had had problems with WB, so she should have left them. Gaga works with Universal Music, and you will see that she will have a huge promo for ARTPOP. I wish for Cher to have huge promo too, but I think that unfortunately it is not possible with WB.

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  3. I have been saying the same thing for years, i don’t believe Warner Bros. ever had Cher’s back. I don’t why she records for them. I mean look at at RCA and Burlesque the put out a soundtrack and give and get her a golden globe in the process not to mention a hit hstlomy number one record. I also wish cher would work in front or behind the camera’s somemore she is after all 67 and cannot remain the princess of pop forever…..don’t through stones I just wanna she her around for the next 100 years…

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  4. Stefan agresti

    Dont understand nothing in That promo
    ….. ????
    Single is good but it takes Too long Times
    For promotion where is thé vidéo. !?
    Absolutly no radio diffusion 🙁 its so sad
    Where is The duet With lady gaga ??
    It was a chance for cher to be in the light
    It seems nobody want CHER s back …..
    But why ??
    May be first télévision of cher was décisive … Voice … But it wasnt so good prestation she was so stressed … When u look thé vidéo u see a Cher With many doubts
    After was so gréât she was on thé road
    But maybe WB have Judge Too Quickly CHER throught thé Voice Tv and it wasnt thé best
    Sad sad and now .????

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  5. I agree Stefan the vocal on the Voice was not good. i remember people saying how good she was and thinking to myself no she sounded hoarse to me. Anyway, she recorded a shitload of songs for this album so maybe another song will hit it big. Also a lot of the criticism I have heard has been with the choice of Paul Oakenfold to remix it saying his sounds are dated I don’t remember Verde I think you said I heard that remix and you are right it is excellent.

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  6. she needs to work with Billie Ray Martin

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  7. Stefan agresti

    Why They dont promote WW Dany verde remix ????????? Its a real bomb so différent
    A real clubbing hit !
    I dont understand 🙁
    Why They choose the first version is date and is not so good
    Thé sound of Dany verde is more actual
    And sincerely the last live of cher just amazing !! CAN be use for thé clip of thé remix D. Verde With Other séquences of cher for exemple in a Dance floor slaping
    A man infidèl …. 😉

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  8. Kurt

    The MaJOR fault so far is that this whole comeback has not been about the music. More it less Cher is back with some outlandish wigs and costumes and the song is forgotten…. well it hasnt striked a cord with general population. The Voice appearance didn’t do the actual song any justice and from that point on Warner Bros have given up on WW. Cher acts on twitter there is a plan… I think the plan is scrap WW and concentrate on the next big single. Surely there is something really good on the album it has taken a gazillion years and WW could have been made in a day, it is pretty weak song technically.

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  9. rony

    What also bothers me is that they havent shot any other videos so far. September is coming closer and then they are gonna panic “Oh, we havent got any videos” The same situation was with WW. They said that WW couldnt have been released sooner becuse they didnt have the video.

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  10. Stefan agresti

    I think one thing about thé work of cher and the résult ….
    Think something go wrong coz CHER actually is just amazing !!! She give the best
    But something go wrong in the diffusion in thé promotion
    CHER speak a lot of politic and she give her point of view some politicians dont like That thé président Obama Too.. They CAN use their influence to block CHER projects …….
    Concerning WW thé remix of Dany verde is thé greatest !!
    Why dont use this remix for promotion ?
    Womans world Will be a HiT

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    • Michael Holubach

      Are you for real! Cher is an Obama supporter and no politics have nothing to do with it.

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  11. Michael Holubach

    Every body in the club come together now. Tell the Truth. Womans world billboard dance charts this week rockets to #####9.

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  12. Michael Holubach

    Every body in the club come together now. Tell the Truth. Womans world billboard dance charts this week rockets to ##### 9.

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  13. Michael Holubach

    We love you Cher

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  14. NYChris

    Cher’s ‘Woman’s World’ Enters Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Songs Top Ten! #9 to be exact!!!

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  15. joel

    why doesn’t cher dance more on stage? her movements don’t match the song’s energy. i know she can because she’s done it before in other performances.

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  16. Great news thank you Michael and NYChris….

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  17. rony

    I dont know where WW reachd no. 9 in chart, but here in Europe nobody knows that WW exists. Well, except for a couple of hardcore fans. No radios play the song, and since there is no video out, you cant watch it on TV music programs either. I am really disappointed. When Cher gave the couple of performances in NYC, I thought that it was great and that it would start an avalanche of other promotional performances across the US and maybe Europe. But now is everything gone again – no promo, no video. This sort of promotion was good for nothing. To start promoting something and then disappear is strange.

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  18. Stefan agresti

    In France nobody nobody Know CHER is back …. No diffusion no clip vidéo where is this famous vidéo clip
    I think the clip Turned With a group of fans wasnt so good… Maybe she work on the New clip more dance more sexy
    More Dani verde remix…. I hope coz its thé best version
    Its so sad to stop suddenly promotion in plenty promotion ?????
    Cher looked good and good if u compare
    Cher in voice and thé last live ….. Its an Exceptionnal progression
    Its true she not dance enought to give at woman s world more match more punch she CAN do it if she want
    It seems she economize herself
    In thé last vidéo she move better really
    If she accept to improve 2 or 3 steps of dance its perfect Hip hop steps it Will be very sexy
    Im very sad coz Im sûre of WW Dany verde remix CAN be a hit in thé world but With promotion radio diffusion Tv programmation and a good clip vidéo
    CHER where r u ???????????
    A plane cant stop is Take off in full Take off …..
    CHER cant stop WW promotion in full WW promotion …
    BB be Strong u are the best !! I love u

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  19. Stefan agresti

    CHER Womans World single remix Dany verde put the fire for thousands people !!

    It was hot and a really good surprise when the DJ of europride have diffused WW all people was completely creazy thousands and thousands people on cher womans world Believe me it was hot and i CAN tell u Cher is a queen of thé dance floors !!!
    I was so happy and touched even Without diffusion it work
    CHER u are Unique

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  20. NYChris

    ‘Woman’s World’ At # 2 On Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Songs Chart

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