Cher slays in sequins on the Met Gala Red Carpet NY



Cher looked amazing dressed in a shimmering multicolor floor-skimming, abstract sequined dress designed by Marc Jacobs at the Met Gala in New York 2015. Walking hand in hand with the fashion designer himself Cher showed off her slim figure and was as head-turning and spectacular as her 1974 Met Gala debut.

Cher, who has sold over 100 million records worldwide, wore her black hair in her signature long style draped around her shoulders.  It was a demure look compared to some of Cher’s more outrageous and memorable outfits, one of which was the inspiration for Kim Kardashian’s showstopper dress.  Sounding suitably star-struck to meet Cher at the event, Kim posted a picture alongside the youthful Believe singer.  Both Kim and Cher looked smooth and fresh-faced in the shot which Kim captioned, ‘This beauty, this icon! I’m so so happy I met her! We spoke about our amazing Armenian journeys!’



Cher also recently teased fans tweeting she has been sent a new song by Mark Taylor (responsible for Believe & Song for the Lonely) to record. It is rumored that there is a 50th Anniversary package in the works with previously unreleased works celebrating Cher’s remarkable career.

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Cher slays in sequins on the Met Gala Red Carpet NY, 9.9 out of 10 based on 11 ratings

19 Responses to Cher slays in sequins on the Met Gala Red Carpet NY

  1. Agresti

    Love so Much this Kind of CHER
    That is CHER !!!!
    Beautiful hot Sexy
    Congratulations Baby

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  2. Kieth Day

    She looks beautiful, thin and stunning. Great look for her. Back to the top & fingers crossed she has some good things coming up for her 50 years.

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  3. Rony

    This time I cannot say anything negative.

    1. interesting dress that fits her
    2. Beautiful wig
    3. professional make-up – flawless skin

    This is the Cher I want to see – hot and sexy, just perfect!

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  4. Miguel

    I dont like her Dress and her Wig…sorry

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    • Ant

      Some people are never happy!

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    • Christophe

      U R CRAZY BRO,, one of the best-DRESS of the night, simple, chic, understated dress of the entire gala,, CLASSY CHER,,

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  5. Agresti

    Euh … Its not wig
    Its her own hair with few rajouts
    Love it
    She is beautiful
    Not too sophisticated hair more Natural
    Its great

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  6. Neil

    Always the beauty flawless and like the Chrr we all knpw LOVE HER

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  7. Patrie

    Cher est magnifique et rayonnante sur ces photos ses problèmes de santé sont peut être finis, j’espère qu’elle reprendra ses concerts pour le bonheur de ses fans ou peut être un nouveau CD en préparation.

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  8. Christophe

    It is rumored that there is a 50th Anniversary package in the works with previously unreleased works celebrating Cher’s remarkable career.

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  9. Matty

    Looks great! Always loved the way when she looks like she is surprised. She looks very superior then. In a great way of course! 🙂

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  10. Michael

    She looks absolutely amazing! she looks better then people half her age and she definitely looks better then modonna then again she always has!

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    • Christophe

      hahha,, love it,, u hit nail on the head,, CHER IS CLASSY, others try to hard!! u either have or u dont! CHER HAS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  11. patrice

    Bonsoir à tous,
    Je n’avais pas fait attention mais sur ces photos CHER est radieuse.

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