Cher tackles every role in West Side Story



With Cher being on break from tour, going to admit things have been pretty boring around Broadway Offices and for Cher fans the last two weeks.  To spice up the month has highlighted the craziest, campiest, wildest videos and luckily Cher made the cut.   For Day 10 paid tribute to Cher’s amazing re-enactment of West Side Story.


Um, because Cher singing every part in West Side Story is 12 minutes and 43 seconds of complete, unadulterated bliss, what’s why. Way back in 1978, Cher had a special on ABC that was called Cher…Special. (You know, obviously.) Anyway, it included this gem, and we have so many questions. How long did this take to film? Where did all those costumes and wigs come from? Isn’t Tony supposed to be in a gang, not trying out for Red Sox baseball?

3:34, when Cher gives up trying to sing soprano and resorts to yell-talking. “Such a PRETTY ME!”.  The final song is a special moment for fans and may even rival your favourite Disney childhood flick.


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6 Responses to Cher tackles every role in West Side Story

  1. Karen

    LOL ! A great performance by Cher.

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  2. Awesome

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  3. Christophe


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  4. Christophe

    as for comment on 3:34 CHER maintained SOPRANO VERY well the last bit seems intentional, love her singing with an accent,, hard to do, did amazing

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  5. AliveAgain

    A M A Z I N G, thats my Cher! What a talent.

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  6. cherfan90210

    Pure bliss watching this from start to finish. I have only ever seen snippets from the Farewell Tour. Thanks for the full version, first time for me.

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