Cher visits Brazil for Charity Event


Cher Brasil 2015

In Brazil for a charity event , Cher visited the SP-Arte at the Bienal Pavilion at Ibirapuera Park in São Paulo.

Cher looked to be in great spirits taking pictures with fans, posing for selfies, signing autographs and drinking champagne with friends.

The singer came to Brazil to receive the Inspiration Award in recognition for her work for the rights of the LGBT community. She will be presented with the award during the traditional amfAR gala ball that takes place this Sunday.

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8 Responses to Cher visits Brazil for Charity Event

  1. rony

    Great to see her in public again!
    I like her shoes and jacket. Im not sure about the jeans, but I would definitely change the T-shirt which does not seem to fit her. She looks so skinny here! I mean that´s great! 1 thing I dont like – her make-up. Her complexion looks tired. She could use more make-up, especially different eye-shadows. Or she should consider hiring a good make-up artist. Anyway, glad to see her! What I adore is the young boys who come for her autograph and selfies. I am so happy for Cher that even young kids adore her. How cute and hot at the same time!

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  2. Neil

    She looks awesome in whatever she wears and is still a hot comodity

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  3. Josh bach

    I guess she`s trying a “natural look” which looks great on her, but she doesn`t look killer” like we want cher to look. Maybe it was just a normal visit to the event and didn`t need to dressed to kill”. Hope she kills everybody on sunday looking like an impressive diva we are used to

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  4. Christophe

    ITS BRAZIL, ITS HOT, lite colours and make-up looks best,, she is a natural-jeans style typical of CHER,, we should all know that by now!!

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    • Derrick

      Hi Christophe,
      Good to see you here again. Hope you are well. Hey, did you notice that there isn’t one shot of Cher showing teeth? Remember her tweeting how unhappy she was with what some dentist did to her teeth? Look at these photos especially into her eyes. She looks very sad and tired. I have no proof, but I believe that her illness is not done and over with, and I believe that physically she’s just exhausted from her problem. What’s your opinion my friend?

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      • Christophe

        she looks little tired, COULD ALSO be the weather,, its VERY HOT in Brazil,,BUT STILL AMAZING considering what she went through,, illness hit her hard,, GOD BLESS HER!! i think it was just one tooth,, wasnt it?

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        • Derrick

          I just remember her saying that she wasn’t happy with what a new dentist did to her teeth, so I believe that it was more than one. Anyway, from the other photos, I think they look great. Always a pleasure and a lot of fun talking with you!!

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  5. rebeccalovelie

    She looks a.mazing!! Tired make up?? Amateurs!! Cher is the queen of everything, including makeup! She has always been skinny, body to die for, that she works hard for! Rock on Cher!!! You are our infinite ⭐

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