Be a part of Cher’s Woman’s World Music Video


Cher has launched two options to be a part of the filming for her Woman’s World Music Video…


Cher Woman's World Music Video


If you are a woman with money to burn then why not bid on this fantastic offer from CHER?


Everyone’s favorite star will be shooting the video to her upcoming single “Woman’s World”. Cher has invited any female fan the chance to appear in her video. The highest bidder will become part of Cher’s new video, meet Cher and have a photo taken by professional on set photographer.

The funds raised from this auction will go directly to the maintenance of the Shikimana School in Kenya which Cher built two years ago under the auspices of The Cher Charitable Foundation. The school educates young children in need and provides medical help and nutritional meals for the students. The Shikimana School also acts as a community center.

WHERE: Los Angeles, California

WHEN: Tuesday, January 22nd

Details of Contest are listed below:

  • The winner must be a female, age 18 or older
  • The winner will be required to sign a liability waiver
  • The prize will include a full day on set in Los Angeles, January 22nd
  • Meet and Greet with Cher will include photograph with Cher and the winner and personalized autograph items
  • No personal cell phones, Iphones, Blackberries, cameras or video equipment allowed

A background check may be required for the winner. If the winner fails the background check, they forfeit the prize. Please bid accordingly. This package does not include any items/services that are not detailed in the above description. Any travel or accommodations are the sole responsibility of the winner. This package must be for use by the winner or his/her designee only, as a gift. They are not transferable by the winner and may not be sold, otherwise transferred or used for any other purpose, including promotional, commercial, advertising, or other trade purposes. Respect for Cher and her staff will be expected at all times. Inappropriate behavior by the attendee could result in the immediate conclusion of the experience with no refund.



For MEN and WOMEN that reside in the USA enter the free contest with 1 winner to be announced January 17th.

To enter the free contest..

Prize Details

The winning fan will be flown to Los Angeles to be on the set of the Woman’s World video shoot.

You’ll be picked up at the airport, taken to your hotel, and the next day you’ll meet Cher and be on the set of Woman’s World. Prize includes:

*Transportation to and from Los Angeles and anywhere in the US
*Hotel accommodations

*Transportation to and from the hotel to the set

*2 hours at the video shoot

*Tickets to Universal Studios

*Meet and greet with Cher




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17 Responses to Be a part of Cher’s Woman’s World Music Video

  1. jujubeesgetstuckinmyteeth

    Background check? Well that leaves out half of her fans! lol Im a riot

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  2. Michael Holubach


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  3. Steve

    Nice that Cher is offering this. For her international fans disappointing, has a very bad habit of over promising on twitter and under delivering. Actually I have stopped using twitter now. Hope the single and video a success!

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  4. jujubeesgetstuckinmyteeth

    She said 6 people were going to be picked at first on Twitter. Oh well Im getting my bags packed cause I know im going to win!

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  5. Michael Holubach

    My bags are packed

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  6. Rony

    Honestly, I cant get this. Cher n her team put “Womans World” on youtube, and let´s be honest here, the song hasnt been a success. So few people have watched that song on youtube. Reviews were mostly positive, but the song did not cause an uproar among Cher´s fans. Is it a really good idea to shoot a vid 4 this song? Would it not be better 2 choose another song as the lead single when WW was not a success? ……Okay, if she insists on WW to become her 1st single, I respect this, but what drives me crazy is that it seems there R no plans 4 any other videos. What about the vid with Gaga 4 TGT? ….

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    • Lunalover

      I TOTALLY AGREE! I would have thought there is a song more single worthy than Womans World????? Huge disappointment and the marketing efforts of this. After 10+ years of waiting cher fans deserved a more coordinated release and better song content.

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  7. dewayne kellaway

    I’m just curious what was the top bid for this auction; does anyone know i look on ebay and it said 2 thousand???

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  8. Steve

    The winning bid was only about $5k?? WTF all u woman got no cash?

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  9. Jane

    Women have cash. That´s not the problem! The problem is that Cher hasnt been relevant since the end of her Farewell Tour. Except for her really hardcore fans, there are not many people who are still keen on Cher. Majority of today´s teenagers dont´t know who Cher is. And some hardcore fans, included me, have been somewhat frustrated by what Cher has been recently doing. Forever delays etc. Womans World is fine, but it´s not a huge hit, and I wouldnt spend 5000 dolars or more for something that seems a bit lame. Sorry!

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    • jujubeesgetstuckinmyteeth

      i agree. She seems to be paying attention to these 19 years old who first of all have no money and havent been supporting her for decades like we have

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  10. Ted

    2 women paid 23 women got paid

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  11. Jane

    Have you seen the pics Cher sent on Twitter? The pics with her fans? Make-up artists did a good job, her face looks perfect. On the other hand, I hope this is not the look she´s gonna have in the video coz her clothes, even though it is beautiful, could be more modern and much hotter.

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  12. Geny

    The top bidder was 6grand. F’n moron? I think so!!!

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  13. Rosa boschman

    Yes two woman won ebay, the original woman payed 5700 dollars, and i was second winner because ebay made a mistake during bidding, amd I payed 12000 dollar. But hey It,s Cher! Some poeple spend that money on there wedding, well i have to safe money for more than 10 years to pay for this,but it was all worth it! Cher is my life, my religion, and this was the most beautifull day of my life, the twitter winners and facebook winner spend 8 hours on 12hours on set and the ebay winner and I spend almost 22 hours on set! Played and act in the video, so hopefully we are in there! Alsow sa Cher incognito, when she arrived at studio! Oh she looked so beautifull, without anymake up!

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  14. Rosa boschman

    Know the close she wears in the pictures with us where just for shooting the pictures! Alsow the wig, and the photos hase bin retouched before she posted them, she lookes lot more natural in real!
    What she will be wearing in the video is mind blowing, butcantsay anything about it.

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  15. Geny

    So you were gonna spend over 6grand to see this lady? Jesus christ…how can you say that youve been savijg this money for this moment…no one knew she was doing this auction. I love cher..but i have better things to spend my money my kids..and a family.

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