Cher’s Malibu House Beautiful Photos


These photos of CHER’s malibu mansion were featured in the Architectural Digest some time ago, but I think they are so beautiful that fans should have another look at the mansion that CHER currently has up for sale.

Cher Malibu Home

Cher commissioned designer and longtime friend Ron Wilson to decorate an Italian Renaissance-style residence in Malibu. “I’m comfortable here,” says the singer-actress. “This house this house wraps its arms around me.” The rear faade overlooks an infinity-edge pool. “The entire project was a collaboration between Cher and me,” says Wilson. “She was totally involved with the landscape design-which is unbelievable. She’s very gifted.”

The gated entrance, and a spacious courtyard beyond, from the private driveway.

Cher House for Sale

All of the art”-including the circa 1880 oil found in Europe that hangs in the living room-“was of special interest to Cher,” says Wilson. “She was responsible for purchasing most of it herself.” The chair, sofa, stool and bench fabrics were designed by Wilson.

Cher Las Vegas

A late-19th-century painting depicting Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene, an antique bronze and a Gothic Revival settle are in the area where the entrance hall meets the lower stair landing. The walls, floors and staircase, with an iron balustrade, are stone

Cher Malibu Mansion

In the living room is a Gothic Revival stone mantelpiece that was carved in Mexico. “The house is light,” says Cher. “Its walls are light. I don’t have a dark wall in the house.” Soft velvets and an inlaidwood low table underscore the interior’s muted palette.

Cher Home for Sale

From the loggia is a view of the infinity-edge pool, which seemingly overflows into the Pacific Ocean. An Egyptian sculpture rests on a woven-reed low table. Standing bronze oil lamps are beneath arches supported by columns with vines carved in relief


English bronze chandeliers hang from the dining room’s stamped-copper ceiling. Gothic Revival chairs, bought in London, surround a table dressed in silk taffeta and topped with orchids, candle-lit centerpieces and white china with gold trim. Rug from Mansour.

A painting of Mary with Christ is above the bed, with a frame upholstered in Scalamandr silk, in the master suite. The large brass trunk at the foot of the bed, which is elevated on a stone platform, holds a television. Lamps from Kathleen Caid’s Antique Artistry.

Cher House

“The infinity-edge pool is where I spend all of my time in the summer,” says Cher. “She’s above the beach-a mile from the water,” adds Wilson. “Her great love is Malibu.” A low carved marble balustrade defines the outside dining area and grants access to the blue-mosaic-tiled pool.

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69 Responses to Cher’s Malibu House Beautiful Photos

  1. Julia

    I think your home is so beautiful and so extraordinary. it’s almost as beautiful as you. Just know that you are loved and you are and will forever be my idol and my favorite person in the world. I love you so much and never stop being the best version of your self!

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    Rating: +4 (from 6 votes)
  2. Kerry the expert

    They say they have their own people the interior decorater has done a great job ( but i dont like the ceilings )

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    Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)
  3. Kerry the expert

    I would have done a vaulted mural ceiling with concealed lighting with gold leaf relief on plaster designs so that the mural clouds and birds( come to life and look stunning and vibrant being reduced or intensified with a control dimmer switch also never been done in this concept ) thank you

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  4. Jacqueline

    I think that you have an inner eye for beauty and style. It shows your life of stardom and the home you chose in Malibu I love, i know you enjoy it, every inch. Just touching very touching. I wish you all peace and love , I wish for myself. Absolutely astounding your home life. I hope to live exactly that style home you live in one day. If you sell let me in on ” you Rock ” you have my blessing to!

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  5. Mag

    Wowww. Id be happy just living in her garage. So beautiful her style of living. Must be great to have that opportunity to live like celebs.

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    Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)
  6. Michael Haring

    truly tunning!

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    Rating: +1 (from 1 vote)
  7. Sue

    You people are nuts. How the fuck can you love someone you don’t know? Of course she has a nice gaff, she’s loaded.

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  8. Cher our house is beaulifal amaizing great job you beaulifal kiss tine

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    Rating: +1 (from 1 vote)

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