It Will Take a ‘Special Person’ to Be the Next ‘Mr. Cher’


Cher still believes in finding love, as ET found out in a recent sit-down with the superstar, but the lucky guy to court her has to have certain qualities.

“It takes kind of a special person,” the 70-year-old music icon tells ET’s Nancy O’Dell. “There are few people. It kind of cuts the herd down, because people are a little bit frightened about being Mr. Cher. It takes a certain kind of guy.”  Republican or Democrat?

Whoever that “certain kind of guy” turns out to be would have to contend with Cher’s busy schedule and forceful political opinions. Five decades into her career, the singer is still in high demand with a residency at the Park Theater at the Monte Carlo in Las Vegas and shows later this month.

At an age where most people think about retirement, Cher seems far from finished, which might be a trait that runs in her family.

“[My mom] says if you don’t pay attention to age, it won’t pay attention to you, but I think that’s the dumbest thing I ever heard,” Cher says. “But there’s not much you can do about it. You just do your best.”

Her “Classic Cher” show features a dazzling display of wigs and 11 costume changes that show off her amazing figure. The GRAMMY winner told us there’s no big secret to keeping in shape. She just stays in the gym.

“It doesn’t happen by accident,” she says. “I’m in the gym probably five days a week.”

While Cher has control over her body, there are some things she just can’t do for herself. The mother of two sons (Chaz, 47, and Elijah, 40) admitted that she would like to have grandchildren.

“Nobody seems to be coming up with them!” she jokes.

Cher, who is known for her one-of-a-kind outfits, closed our interview by giving us a peek at a pair of boots no one had ever seen before. The shoes were created for her show by famed designer Christian Louboutin.

“I just said, ‘Make them in a bunch of colors and about a million girls would love these!'” she says.

Cher’s residency at the MGM National Harbor in the Washington, D.C. area begins March 17, and she’s returning to the Monte Carlo in Las Vegas on May 3. Tickets for her 18 new dates added for the fall in Las Vegas are on sale Saturday.

Source ET Online


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4 Responses to It Will Take a ‘Special Person’ to Be the Next ‘Mr. Cher’

  1. Sofondayakoch

    Oh my. The photo of Cher on this page with the white hat is awful. Sorry I know she is 70 but she looks like she is melting. She has always been known to look fabulous for her age but this is depressing. They must use filters or cake the make up on when she makes appearances. She did not age well.Her mother looks better now

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  2. Sofondayakoch

    One more thing. I hate the friggen hat. Same hat shes had for years. Get a new one. Plus stop lowering yourself by selling stupid scares on HSN

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    Rating: 0 (from 6 votes)
  3. JD

    Its like she wants to burn the house down on her fans with all her political nonsense. Followed her for 30 years. Sorry to say am no longer a fan. She really is a self righteous & stuck up with her views trying to push her dumb ideas on everyone.

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