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Cher Farewell Tour

Thanks for the memories, Cher. After more than 40 years in the spotlight the superstar is wrapping up her al career, choosing to play one of her last shows in Winnipeg. Last night a capacity crowd of 12,000 — many in drag or dressed as a member of The Village People — witnessed concert No. 320 of her farewell tour.

From the multitude of costume changes to her bashing of up-and-coming stars, the show was almost exactly the same as the first time she brought it here in 2002.

At least it’s a spectacular one. The Cherest show on Earth is over-the-top extravaganza with elements of Cirque de Soleil, Broadway als and flashy nightclubs.

The stage featured two sets of steps leading up a platform supported by two columns topped with glowing orange balls. A wall of mirrored reflective panels behind the five-piece band and two backup vocalists created psychedelic patterns out of the lights, while a dance troupe performed aerial acrobatics above them.

After a video montage of her career, the aging diva emerged from the ceiling on a giant chandelier wearing a diamond encrusted coat while singing U2’s I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For. Once she was on solid ground, the coat was removed to reveal Cher in a skimpy belly dancer outfit most 58-year-olds wouldn’t be caught dead in.

Even though she’s old enough to be a grandmother, Cher still has the vitality of a woman half her age. But she will call it quits for good after her April 30 show at the Hollywood Bowl, she promised.

“Lots of acts say they were going and they’re back in five years … If I came back in five years instead of the chandelier it would be a scooter wheel chair,” she said.

After a lengthy chat where she mentioned seeing a movie mentioning Winnipeg, a rundown of some of her on-stage mishaps and the obligatory challenge to J.Lo and Jessica Simpson, Cher disappeared, only to emerge wearing a Egyptian Queen outfit while riding a huge purple elephant.

Between songs, which ranged from straight up pop like I Found Someone to old tear jerkers like All I Really Want to Do and Love Hurts, clips of Cher’s al, television and film career played on three video screens, reminding everyone what a renaissance woman she is.

Disco-era remnants The Village People opened the show with a 45-minute set of hits (and a few misses) from their Trudeau-era heyday. The familiar six-piece costumed crew — the cowboy, construction worker, aboriginal, leather enthusiast, soldier and policeman — performed simplistic choreographed routines in front of a New York City skyline backdrop to pre-recorded .

The Village People revel in their kitsch and don’t take themselves seriously, especially on ironic — we hope — covers of Grand Funk Railroad’s We’re an American Band and Mardi Gras anthem Iko Iko.

Despite the pulsating flamboyance of the material there was little stirring in the audience, with only a few pockets of people dancing to In the Navy and Macho Man, two of their best known songs.

But no one sat for the group’s final number, YMCA., and it was a impressive sight seeing 12,000 people doing the familiar arm movements together.

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3 Responses to Live Review: The Final Cherwell

  1. Bill

    webmaster- were is this crap coming from. You have things here as far back as 1998. We want to know about Vegas and her private life, like is she with Tim Medvetz or what.

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  2. Hey Cher and fans, particularly you Bill, I quite agree with you, we saw all this during Cher’s totally brilliant Farewell Tour which the majority of us paid to go and see and/or got the DVD and the cd of it. Now, what we want to see is the latest news about her. Not necessarily her private life because that at the end of the day is what it is, her private life!!!! But how about some more news about her shows done recently in Vegas???? How’s she looking after her break????? Of course we are all interested about her family and her love-life because we care and we love her. So come on people, some news – not history!!!!! Thanx. Dedicated Cher fan from the U.K. Jan

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  3. Adam

    This isn’t the latest news, just click on the news link at the top, and thats the new stuff, someone must have screwed up somewhere
    Luv ya Cher

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